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Jun 19, 2010


We have another adopted dog.  Her name is Pokie.  The name originated from the Philippine comedian, Pokwang.  She is a mongrel dog.  It's simply Askal dog in the Philippines or native dog in wide world term. 

Panda has a mate now.  Who knows they will become an  in house couple.   They say, people with more than one dog shouldn't try to treat them all as equals. Because pack position is important to a dog, this only encourages jealousy games.

She loves sitting on my lap.

Opps, don't grab


the donG said...

kakatawa naman at pokey talaga pangalan niya. siguradong dagdag saya yan sa bahay. kami ngayon walang aso.

nuts said...

ang saya at naka smile pa siya talaga/ helow powkie!!

Graphic Designer said...

kahit na di sila talaga nakangiti kasi natural lang na ganyan ang itsura nila, i try to imbibe what i think i see -- a dog smiling back at me.

Sreisaat said...

Cute, kamukha siya ni Joe ko :D