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Sep 24, 2009


I witness how much my sister loves her pet- a dog. She treats the dog like a baby, I remembered the time Panda got sick. My sister monitored his condition. She takes care the dog so much. Every morning they eat together. The dog is also sitting on the dining chair. The dog takes a bath twice a week. Sometimes they go out for a walk.

Pets need special attention and tender loving care. They have high maintenance for grooming and food. My sister keep on searching online what's the best things and latest stuffs for dogs like leashes and collars, toys, bedding and more. Last week, I was surprised to see Panda having a yellow collar. It made me smile. I know my sister is one of Noynoy Aquino's supporters for 2010 presidential election.


RJ said...

Ah, si Panda- the Blog Guard pala! Akala ko Panda ballpen supports 2010 Elections. Whew!

Sa tingin ko Panda Supports Aquino for President, Red! (,"o

sheng said...

hahaha, nice collar, will get one for Hagrid din, yellow din.

Nash said...


geezzz I'm officially missing my Smoochie (labrador-retriever. I remember I'm just only in charge of my dog's bath utils, food and stuffs. But with the poopoo and all that i'm out of the story haha :)) whatta bad amo :P

I support noy noy as well cheers!

By the way I already commented back on your comment check it here:

And check out my new blog post as well :P

~JarieLyn~ said...

ah, what a sweet dog. He is so cute and spoiled, just like my dog. they are our babies. xoxox

I like your sister and I haven't even met her.

the donG said...

hahaha... ganda ng collar ni panda. i also love dogs but i dont have one right now.

Allen Yuarata said...

ayan may aso. naalala ko tuloy bigla yung aso naming si Blue. tsk tsk.

Anyway, Panda, wag ka maniwala sa amo mo. Vote mo si Gibo. nyahahaha!

Lawstude said...

nice doggie. not sure yet who to vote for in 2010.

payday loans said...

nice collar, panda looks verry cute, but I think she's also a good blog guard

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Dogs give forever love!

nuts said...

hmmm, kelangan ko i-check nga ang site for the love of my doggie.. perfect timing, i'm actually browsing a site right now for my dogs grooming.:)

Random Student said...

Your sister will love my pet Lancaster LOL! Panda looks so kind and generous with love. God bless all our dogs!