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Jun 20, 2010


Father's day is celebrated in many countries worldwide. The origins, activities, and actual may differ yet they all share the common thread of honoring fathers for their role. The role of a father changes as children grow but it doesn't end. Father's day is not only the right time for children to thank their fathers but it's also a good timing for the father to tell the children how much he love and appreciate them. After all, without the children, he wouldn't be called a dad, tatay, wanggo, erpat or papa.

Our children need encouragement,
Expressions of our love and care,
Appreciation when expressed;
Accentuates the bond we share


Eds said...

happy father's day redlan.

nuts said...

happy fathers day to all dads in the world. pati sa www. :p

sheng said...

Happy fathers day Redlan.

jeanny said...

what a beautiful art. Happy father's day!

witsandnuts said...

Nice! Belated greetings to your father.