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Jun 9, 2010


This is an exciting week for me.  I am actually talking about how exciting the Kapamilya programs this week.  First is the Goal concert of PBB housemates tomorrow night.  The proceeds is for the Philippine football team who gonna compete in Brazil this coming August. 

On Saturday and Sunday night will be the big, big night.  It's the grand finals of the first Pilipinas Got Talent.  I am so excited to watch the performance of  Jovit Baldivino.  Plus the star family reunion of Sharon, Gabby and KC Concepcion on Sharon.

Speaking of ABS-CBN, they have a newest facebook page that features the best of the Philippines!  You can upload your photos of places, food, events and people in the Philippines.  Choose Philippines helps us promote our own country.

PINASarap- food
PINASyal- places
PINASikat- people
PINASaya- events

And speaking of Facebook, it's the popular social networking site.  More of new features.  On the contrary, employees become "notworking".  Some companies already banned facebook and only small portion allowed facebook usage during office hours.  And some only allowed "facebook breaks" during designated time.

Before I end this post, let me leave you this message, "TEMPORARILY OUT OF MIND.  PLEASE LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE ON MY WALL".  Or poke me and I'll pak you back.


nuts said...

notworking? hmmm, during blog-break nag f-fb ako..parang nagwowork din ako ah.. hihi
ooi, abangan ko din si jovit ah, batangueno yun.. dami ka-abang abang ah..

nuts said...

pero yung FV mo ibang level na ha... hahaha

Redlan said...
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Redlan said...

NUts: Kaka excite yung finals. Correction lang, ft ako. kaw siguro nagi-fv. joke.

Lawstude said...

kapamilyang-kapamilya ah :)

Ann said...

The volcanoes in Auckland are dormant. I hope they are because I live right in the middle of 3 of three.

There is one which is alive 4 hours drive away.