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Dec 7, 2009


Finally I can open my multiply account and can upload the photos here in blogger. This post is about my trip to San Joaquin last holiday. Actually, I planned to go to Sira-an Hot Spring in Anini-y, Antique but I woke up late @ 8:00 am. So I just decided to explore the town of San Joaquin particularly its last barangay which is the Brgy. Lawigan out of 85 barangays. Barangay Lawigan, San Joaquin is the boundary to Anini-y, Antique. I've already been to San Joaquin twice already but I did research about it online.

I only brought this note with me going to San Joaquin instead of a local map

I rode a jeep with the signboard "SAN JOAQUIN Lawigan. It's the only PUJ to Lawigan, San Joaquin. I did not have any particular place to go in the said barangay. If the Jeepney steward will ask me where's my destination then I will show him the note (above). After Tiolas, the jeepney tuirned left and it's the way to Lawigan. You can see the high mountains on the right side and the open-sea on your left.

the open sea view to Lawigan. Fishing is the main source of livelihood here.

When there were few passengers left, I asked one passenger kung saan ang plaza ng Lawigan. Lumagpas na raw ako although I had already an idea. As I expected, the jeepney steward asked me and as expected I showed him the note. He promised to drop me on the Diving Camp. Knowing the last trip is four o'clock in the afternoon and it was already eleven am, I prefered to go back in the main road. I asked the konduktor to just drop me by in the corner to San Joaquin church. I just secretly smiled because I had a great joy ride. I paid 70 pesos from Iloilo terminal to Lawigan and voluntarily added 20 pesos from Lawigan to San Joaquin town proper.

I was lucky this time because the San Joaquin church opened. I silently said my prayer and started taking photos.

The Battle of Tetuan is immortalized in the façade of the San Joaquin Church, making this house of worship the only church in the whole country with a touch of militarism.

Before I left San Joaquin town proper, I dropped by in the public market to buy Bandi (peanut candy) as pasalubong. San Joaquin is famous for this local delicacy.
Beside the famous beach resort, magnificent houses seen along the way and the old but still magnificent church, there is an ancient architectural masterpiece that graced this place— the century-old cemetery. The cemetery is located before the town proper from Iloilo. Instead of riding a tricycle, I walked instead. I was alone and no one to worry about being tired.
The cemetery welcomed me like a king of ghost. Kidding. I was alone and no other people inside. It was my first time to be in a cemetery all by myself. A flight of 20 steps leads up to the San Joaquin cemetery compound where a grandiose mortuary chapel, decorated with classical motifs, stands. The mortuary chapel including the steps leading to it is made of coral rock and has just recently been nicely restored.

The San Joaquin Cemetery was built in 1892 during the time of Fray Mariano Bamba, an Agustinian priest. It's worth to visit and I decided to leave before the rain pour the place. I called it enchanted cemetery. It really amazed me.

I rode a San Joaquin jeep to Miag-ao for 15 pesos. I revisited the UNESCO Heritage church and was disppointed again to see that the revonation was still on going. It did not stop me to take photos though. I wanted to have a souvenir of its construction state and promised to go back again. I hope it will done next year.

I had my late lunch in a bakery shop and went to public market to buy the patadyong again. Maig-ao is the top town in manufacturing or weaving this kind of local product as they call it the geniune one that costs 300 and up. You have to ask for a discount. I got mine at 330 php.

Again, I had to walk to take this beautiful view after the Miag-ao town proper. This beautiful view of Mt Napulak is particularly be seen on the bridge before the Miag-ao town proper from Iloilo.

I rode the Miag-ao jeepney to Guimbal this time. Obviously, I was already tired and this time I was tired of typing so without further ado, here's the Guimabl church and I was really lucky that day becuase the church was also opened. I prayed again and thanking all the blessings, the beautiful view and the safe trip and for having good friends. I asked Him for the good health of everyone.

It was getting late in the afternoon and finally I had my last ride back to Iloilo City.

I always love visiting the first district of Iloilo including my hometown- Tigbauan. Now, I have to go bact to work.


princess_dyanie said...

ang aga naman nung last trip na 4pm. bandi pala ang tawag sa inyo nun. samin, panutsa yung tawag.

yay, gusto ko din pumunta sa miag-ao church. di bale, next time. :P

Bagman and Butler said...

Thanks for taking me on a great exploration. I did want to go into the enchanted cemetary and see more of it. The buildings have such life -- elders of stone. A great trip!

sheng said...

Dear Redlan,

You fascinated me about the enchanted cemetery but what made me love this post is the bandi. I wish i could go back there and buy lots. But then again, hubby is there and tomorrow will be back here, yippeee, excited for the bandi. Kaso walang butong-butong which i so wanted.

Lawstude said...

wow. adventurous ka din eh. i would have brought a map pero tiga jan ka naman kaya safe ka tyak jan. :)

nuts said...

thanks! a great tour in this post..
bandi = sa amin ga sa batangas ay panutsa ang tawag dine eh. :D
masarap mag-isa paminsan minsan.. you have nothing to worry about, besides, mabilis kaya magtravel alone.

~JarieLyn~ said...

This was a fascinating post. You took some wonderful pictures. That statue at the top of the cemetary entrance did look like a king's ghost welcoming you to enter. I would love to go explore that site.

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Napapadalas ka diyan ah...

hehe :) NAks!

PUSANG-kalye said...

[parang Bohol din---daming beautiful churches in Ilo-ilo. pag pumunta ako dyan, yan ang gusto ko makita , yung church at cemetery ng San Juaqin. parang intriguing~~~

Nash said...

geeezzzzz where from antique actually pero di pa ko nakapunta sa part na yan ng iloilo nice place!

Check out my first ever PODCAST! :P

It's working now just click the flash player below the cover art sir hehehe :P