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Dec 11, 2009


It was my first time to be in Manila. As far as I know, MOA is one of the biggest mall in the metro. I was not familiar with the place. However, my friends told me na hindi mo malibot ang buong mall in just a day. I was there to watch the Eraserheads reunion concert entitled Eraserheads live- the FINAL SET- It was the concert of the year!

I am adventurous. I prefer to be alone all the time especially in traveling. And I always get lost. Back then, I entered in the wrong venue. I was about to ask the guy in uniform. He seemed a guard, an usher, a police, a soldier, whatsoever. But it seemed that he just ignored me. BILLY BITBIT as I've read his name plate. And the room, it was somewhat a conference room. A fund raising project maybe, It's because I saw tarpaulin.

1. For the Family of 960 passengers who died after Super Ferry 9 sank.
2. For typhoon Ketsana locally known as Ondoy.
3. For the justice of a gruesome massacre in Maguindanao.

There were names on the back of each chair covered with white satin cloth in designated tables. As I entered the room, I realized people ignored me. Parang deadma lang. Ghost na ba ako? Sino naman ako? In the first place, I am not popular or a celebrity like Efren Peñaflorida who declared as CNN Hero of the Year. Actually people were really busy talking in every corner. In a table on the left side of the entrance was a group of 4 men. At first glance, I can say they were belong to a religious group. MANUEL DE ROSARIO, FR. JOVENCIO RABOSA, ERAÑO MANALO & FR. CECILIO LUCERO (as I read their names on their chairs).

The overall sponsor was also present in the name of DAVID FERNANDO, co-founder of Smart Communications, Inc. he was talking to RENATO VICTOR EBARLE, JR., son of USEC Renato Ebarle Sr., MANUEL COLLANTES, former acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and ODETTE ALCANTARA, activist.

On the other table were POCHOLO RAMIREZ, the race car driver; LEO PRIETO, the first Commissioner of the PBA; ROGELIO BORJA, former sports writer; ANTONIO CHUA, former basketball team manager for Barako Bull; RODRIGO DEL ROSARIO, a Filipino Olympic weight lifter; RODOLFO "ROD" NASARIO, the boxing promoter; and ANGEL "PAPPY" NEPOMUCENO, the bowling coach and father of 6-time bowling champion Pepepng Nepomuceno. Obviously, they talked about being part of Philippine sports.

The politician were present of course. VICTOR SUMULONG, PROSPERO AMATONG, ALEXIS SAN LUIS, CARLOS DELA CRUZ, DAVID EMRALINO, EDUARDO V. ROQUERO & SOTERO LAUREL. They were talking about who will be the next Philippine president.

I even overheard a mother of Chocoleit, ERLINDA AGUIILAR; the proud dad of Dingdong Dantes, ROLAND DANTES; The proud father of Rayver and Rodjun Cruz, RODOLFO "RUDY" ILLUSTRE; the grandfather of Erich Gonzales, EMILIO GANCAYCO & PAZ PAULATE, the mother of comedian Roderick Paulate talking about their showbiz children.

Another table for celebrities- the noisy group composed of ROBERTO GONZALES, BERTING LABRA, CRIS DALUZ, TITA MUÑOZ, PARALUMAN, TYRONE SUAREZ, JOHNNY DELGADO & RICHARD BONIN. The talent manager, DOUGLAS QUIJANO and the pioneering IndiFilm producer, ESPIRIDION LAXA just arrived and joined this table.

I noticed a couple of women in one table. They were Ruby Rose Barrameda and Trinidad Etong talking about life after death. Suddenly there was a flash of light and when I turned my back I saw TOCH ARELLANO, the professional photographer.

The last table that caught my attention was the honorary table of 4 women. I recognized a woman in yellow. She was CORAZON C. AQUINO, former Philippine president and the mother of Nonoy Aquino. Beside her was an aged woman, MARY EJERCITO, mother of former President Joseph Estrada. On her left was KENNELY ANN LACIA-BINAY a.k.a. AUDREY VIZCARA, a model daughter-in-law of Makati City Mayor. The fourth woman was AMELIA J. GORDON. mother of Senator Richard Gordon. They're friends despite of political issues for Philippine Election next year.

The program was about to start when I realized I was in a wrong place. Singer/vocalist ANABEL BOSCH, SUSAN FERNANDEZ and FRANCIS MAGALONA came up the stage to give an opening number. I walked out then.

This is my year end post. Thanks to wikipedia for the complete information.


sheng said...

Redlan, this post gave me the creeps, i was reading through your blog, di ko alam patay na pala yung mag nauna mong nasulat, wahaha... late Halloween post ba to?

REDLAN said...

nakuha ko kasi yan sa wikipedia noong nag-research ako about sa mga nangyari this year. Events and deaths yan. hehe. Kala ko nga kahapon, minumulto blog ko kasi this blog turned into white blank page. hehehe. Mga patay nga yan sa Philippine history for 2009.

fjordz said...

marami akong hindi kilala.. hahaha! pero sobrang informative kuya red.. grabe! ang dami nila which means ang daming nagyari for this year. whew!

the donG said...

aga naman. hehehe... at kasama pa si francis m.

nuts said...

dami ko na miss na news pala sa 2009.. buti ka pa, me year end post na hehe. ako naman eh naglabas ng saloobin sa dalawa kong post.:D

princess_dyanie said...

wait, andito ka sa manila nung eheads concert? daya mo! di ka nagsabi! :P

Eds said...

grabe kaya ka pala minulto sa blog kasi ito pala ipopost mo. hehehe. pero grabe noh. daming nangyari for this year. ung iba hindi ko rin kilala pero with this post nalaman ko kung sinu-sino sila.

jeanny said...

tama ka you dont belong there noh! OIst nasa Manila ka nga, why hindi ka nagparamdam.....madaya!!!!!

Happy Weekend Red :)