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Dec 5, 2009


I woke up late in the morning (as always). I can't resist the coldness (sarap matulog). I am sad not because of the holiday season but for the fact that December is the start of my busy life. It's hard being married with this kind of job I have. It's getting hectic. There were times I dreamed of my job. There are times I think of quitting. But I am still here- pressured, burnout, busy. What else? Somehow, I am still enjoying my life. I am still happy so far. I am still alive and kicking. I am still single. I am still gay (without A). What else? I am still smiling despite of this stressful journey.

Joy to the world! There are some things that make us happy and inspired. I am happy and thankful to some people. If you are reading this, then you are one of them. I would like to thank you all! Chef E, thanks for the FSO banner! Thanks to the rest of the team. Thank you bloggers. Thank you Lord!

Merry Christmas to all of us!



Eds said...

*hugs to you my friend*. glad to hear that despite the very busy schedule that you have eh happy ka naman. merry christmas to you. take care always.

Reena said...

i like Christmas. though we're all busier at this time of the year, i enjoy the holiday celebrations around.

i hope you find time to enjoy as well. :)

AJ said...

meri xmas red!..

keep the wonderful spirit of the season alive in ur heart..(no matter what)..

that inspire the rest of us...

p0kw4ng said...

adbans hapi pasko sayo red! lamig na nga...sarap matulog na lang ng matulog buong maghapon!

princess_dyanie said...

advance Merry Christmas red! :) **hugs** :)