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Dec 15, 2009


I checked any books on sale at BOOKSALE last weekend and I found this scrapbooking books in an affordable price so I grabbed it immediately. It's only 60 php. It would give me some ideas to improve my scrapbooking hobby.

I realized there are lots of stocked photos I need to put in photo albums. I segregated them by occasions. I like photo scrapbooking with matching captions. It would remind me of special moments and people.

I found these three photos that made me smile. They're the hot men of 2009 for me. I still keep their photos (silly me).
For the last quarter, I admire this person when it comes to hosting. Atom Araullo has a wholesome personality.

I am looking forward for 2010. I am struggling to make it great in preparing to be a better person. I know I am getting matured and I wanted to be matured. I am busy for everything now. I wanna greet you Merry Christmas and a 2010 success!


Rej said...

masaya nga gumawa ng scrapbook. tapos puro vintage pics ang nandun. mapapansin mo kung maganda ang naging human development mo. hehe! yung dating payat nagsisitabaan na after xx years...

i like atom too. very smart.

nuts said...

it's coco for me.. ^-^
yung scrapbooking, naku, tambak na mga pic at diko na din naayos man lang.

Nicely said...

Ang hotsy naman ni Atom Araullo! Crush ko na sya... Hehehe!

princess_dyanie said...

coco martin!!!! ramooon! haha! :P