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Dec 17, 2009


This will be the quick but longest post. I have to do this before the holidays and before I-don't-know-what-will-happen mode. I don't want you to wonder so here I go. I gonna share great events, happy moments before anything else.

Last weekend I was invited to attend the christening of my college classmates/couple's son. Of course I am one of the godparents. I refused at first but who can reject it especially if you addressed as Ms. (laugh out loud). I reunited with some of my college friends again.

the invitation

my gift

with ninang Socsy

the family

the souvenir

I was surprised to received two packages last Monday. It is because when I give something I never expected to receive anything in return.

Thanks to Mrs T for this package. I can't think of the nicest words to say but thank you very much!

Thanks to Blue Rose too! I need to be organized seriously. lol. Do you know what's the first thing I opened? It's the Christmas card. I love messages more than anything.
Once again, thanks to both of you.

I don't want to elaborate much but thank you for the great time you spent with me. It's been more than two years I am here enjoying everything that virtual world offered me. It's nice knowing nicest people around the world.

If He will give me a second life, I would be a better person as I can.

I would love to enjoy this book. I am excited to have it. It will be released next year.

And to go to this beautiful island here in Panay.
Have a Merry Christmas to all and a fruitful New Year 2010! Just enjoy life that only God offers!


nuts said...

bakit ang title goodbye..? (wondering... at yung last plurk update mo ganon?
there's no difference sabi nila sa virtual and real..

nuts said...

virtual friends are real friends too.. :) dami gifts, good boy ka siguro this year.

sheng said...

Don't worry red, everything will be just fine and we will sure meet again here. Thanks for being my friend, even though we are the virtual kind, we are close in spirit.

Reena said...

uy red. bakit??? pati plurk message mo ganito? don't leave okay? just take a break. see you back soon, ha. miss you. :)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Goodbye? A blog vacation perhaps? Good deeds always get great rewards! Merry Christmas!

jeanny said...

maybe you really need the hiatus pero be back very soon ha. I dont want to miss you that much kasi :)

Merry Christmas Redlan. See you soon!

nuts said...

t2, i'm here again.. namiss ka na namin isang araw palang, hellooooooo...

witsandnuts said...

No goodbyes, but just see you again. =) Take care!

fjordz said...

ang cute ng babay kuya. sobrang chubbby! hahaha! parang ang sarap kargahin! hahaha!

nakakatuwa naman na people in the blogosphere can still establish real friendship.. galing!

magbabakasyon ba kayo kuya? mukhang matagal tagal kayong mawawala ah?

Happy Holidays!

the donG said...

wow! maagang bakasyon pala. dami mong natanggap. bait mo kasi.

baka nga pala attend ako ng ati atihan just in case pupunta ka rin.

marvz said...

~merry xmas to you too...and be thankful for the many blessings you got this season----esp the package. lol

Eds said...

you're welcome redlan! thank you too for everything...merry christmas!

princess_dyanie said...

goodbye your fez! haha! chos! ahmissshu!!! :P