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Dec 13, 2009


Mr Linky helps us (FSO group) to visit and view every week's FSO member photo galore. He is been with us for a couple of week's now. That's the reason why I had a short time to hop from one blog to another and I even chose my most favorite photos of each member who participated in this week's theme which is WEATHER by Emma.

Beautiful snowy photo of T. Multiple colors!

The best snowy weather shot taken by Cindy of Alaska with the rising sun in the background.

It was a great opportunity for me to see autumn leaves falling and I know it's a great chance for Kathy to take this photo.

I really admired Gordon for having the great chance to take and share this photo. It is because I can rarely see a man/father/grandfather who take time to have a great bonding with his kids/children/grandchildren.

I like the snow formation photo that Spiritsoflena shared.

This is Emma's great theme and I like this photo of her of changing color of unpredictable weather.

This is the unique way of taking photos of Kim for the weather theme.

I can say this is the best place and weather to shout the bad feeling within. Thanks for sharing Gisele. I love to shout in here!

Sandra shared about what happened to her camera the reason that she only posted this very lucky weathered photo. The details is more than enough seeing lots of photos.

I like the view of the rainbow over the mountain taken by Sherri.

I like the color effects of Jessica's photo caused of the gloomy weather.

Shabby Girl's photo looks like jewel accessories.

I like the color combination of this photo taken by Ed & Reub. The yellow represents the sunny weather, white for cloudy and green for cool.

With this weather photo of Sarah, I learned that snow can create beautiful designs too. Not to mention that the photographer is also an artist.

Queenmothermamaw's photo shows that Christmas is really a perfect season whether it's raining , snowing or sunny in any parts of the world.

This photo of Mark is simply amazing! It made me speechless! I have nothing more to say. It's almost perfect!

I am so inspired with this photo that I created a short poem:

The weather is so fine as I can see. It's great to start the day. And I admit I envy the dog named Lindsay. :-) Thanks for sharing the sunny weather Linda and Barry!

These dried snowy leaves show the weather where Sara Diana lives.

I like this weather photo shared by Jama. It's so candid!

I like this photo of Nanu that when I look at it, it gives me peaceful mind.

Scretor Senex photo shows that despite of some circumstances, we should be strong still to face and continue life.

Elaine's winter photos are worth to be photo cards.

This photo that heather shared made me realized that it's not the outdoor view only that can tell you what's the weather but the people and things too. Her cute little one showed with the coat and that hot cocoa what the weather felt like.
This photo shows that we should enjoy the weather whether it's snowing, raining or whatsoever. It made me smile. I really like it. So unique!

I like these windmills, it's like they are moving while I am looking at them. Enlarge to see the best view. It's one of the weather photos of Jarielyn on her journey.

At first, I can't choose what the best weather photo of Rebecca because I like them all. Finally, I picked this survival flower on a snowy weather photo. I am sure you have your own interpretation of this photo too.

I like this weather photo of Pauline. It reminds me of the twilight movie.

This is the best among the best weather photos of Ginger V. I don't like rain anymore since we experienced the worst flood in the Philippines. But as I look at the raindrops, I can feel the hunger and the joy of other creatures. With this photo, the raindrops look like art designs.

I like this photo of Chef E. Whatta fine night of Christmas season.

Kent made me excite while browsing his photos of snow. We don't have winter season here in the Philippines that's why. I like the fingerprints in the snow.

I can't say this is the best shot but the right timing to take a shot of tornado. This is actually the first photo of tornado I've ever seen. Mary of Kansas you made me realized that it's not all good memories we should capture but bad experience makes us strong.

This photo made me missed of my childhood memory of flying a kite. This is one of the photos of Ann from New Zealand. It was taken at Mt. Ruepehu in the North Island of New Zealand. Ann is the first member who posted in this week's photo challenge. See you next week guys!


Gordon said...

Very nice, Redlan. Thanks for the enthusiasm. You did a good thing.

Lawstude said...

awesome images. ang gaganda.

sheng said...

lovely shots, sana we have snow here too.

witsandnuts said...

Nice collection of photos.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Selecting photos individually must have been quite a lot of "eye" work. I like the one with reflection on a Christmas decor the best!

nuts said...

I thought the first photo as japanese coy fishes in the pond as I saw this pic in my blog list update.:)

amazing photos of weather theme!

AJ said...

walang itulak kabigin!.. they are all eye candy!..

iyong kay Mark, gusto ko ring makakuha ng shot na ganon.

meri xmas dude :D

Chef E said...

Thanks Redlan, much appreciated!

Kim said...

Thank you for including my shot in your collection. You did a lovely job of summarizing each shot...very personal!

the donG said...

nice. ramdam na ramdam na ang pasko. wala nga lang tayong snow.

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Naks naman...

Ramdam ko na tuloy ang Christmas!

Random Student said...

wonderful photos. The world is lovely. That's what those images convey to me.

Bagman and Butler said...

Thanks for putting this together. I was late in checking the shoot and this helped me go back and see some I had missed.