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Nov 4, 2009


I am still active in postcrossing. Every week, I receive some postcards from different countries. I send some postcards in return to continue the postcard project. I have already more than a hundred postcards from all over the world. Most of them came from Europe. I'm so glad I found postcrossing.

Last week, I received a postcard from China. The view of Hutong Panjia. I liked the Beijing Olympic 2008 stamp very much.

At the same time, I received another postcard from Canada. It's Toronto's Chinatown. What a coincidence!

Today, I sent 4 postcards to four different countries- Germany, The Netherlands, USA and Finland. I send a postcard depends on the postcrosser's choice.

Writing a a message adds to the beauty of the postcard the beautiful stamp(s). I wrote about the BBF housemate Katlin on the postcard I sent to Finland.

The postcrosser from USA wished to have a nice stamp so I put President Cory Aquino's stamp.
Postcrossing is a fair postcard project. In order to receive some postcards, you will send 5 postcards first. It makes you excited everyday. You don't know what postcard you gonna receive. It just surprise you. You give the same feeling to other postcrossers. I am enjoying the project. I am already a year member. Thanks to postcrossing!


sheng said...

Red, favor please, tagai ko sinang Cory aquino stamp, pleaseeeeeeeeee...

Blue Rose said...

wow! meron palang ganyang stamp si cory. very nice.

tagal mo na palang member noh. congrats.

Fine Life Folk said...

Interesting. Why can't bloggers send electronic postcards, too? Then we can feature those that we receive LOL!

reFRESH said...

Sheng: Sige i-reserve ko para sau yung dalawang stamps niya.

Bluerose: Bago yan sa post office.

Fine Life Folk: Oo nga personalized postcard. Galing

nuts said...

i watched PBB last night and was surprised with hermes and katlin .. hihi..