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Nov 1, 2009


Last Thursday my office mates and I went to Christ the King Memorial Park to light up a candle and to offer a prayer for our boss who died nearly two years ago. We reached the place passed 5 o'clock in the afternoon and it was already dark.

I took photos everywhere but one of my office mate told me not to. Baka raw may ma-kodakan akong kakaiba. Oh-oh. And whose pair of eyes was that?
Maybe it was Casper's
I set the camera mode into sunset because I still saw the sunset's beautiful color. Si Casper and friends ba yan? Or si bosing at mga parents niya? Yung puntod kasi na binisita namin ay tatlo. Hala!

It was just a camera trick not a Halloween trick. My hands were kinda trembling when I took the photo above. But when I changed the camera mode from sunset to night mode, the photo below showed the real view of the place. The three casper-look-alike above were actually the lamp posts.


P.S. This is a scheduled post.


Lawstude said...

camera shake shake shake... ganda ng effect no?

Random Student said...

What happened to you boss ba? Have you blogged about it?

witsandnuts said...

Shake effect yan heheee. Btw, I watched Casper last night. =)

fjordz said...

happy halloween kuya!!

Patty said...

Sometimes camera shake rocks! Love the photos. Sorry about your boss.

reFRESH said...

Lawstude: Kapag sunset mode kahit walang shake, iba ang kinalalabasan. hehehe

RS: Pinatay siya ng colon cancer. Hindi ko masyado kinuwento dito

Windandnuts: Namiss ko na nga si Devon Sawa

Fjordz: Happy Halloween Fjordz, may error site me. Ano nangyari?

Patty: Thanks Patty. He is gone almost 2 years.