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Jul 3, 2009


I am still working my scrap postcard album. It would be a never-ending project since I am receiving some postcards every week.

Here's my postcard collection that still need to put on a scrap postcard album. I will show you how I do it.

Here's the materials to be used in doing scrap postcard album:

*specialty board

Step 1. With the use of the pencil, trace a boarder line on the postcard.

Step 2. Make another inside line, an inch from the outside boarder line to make it look like a frame.

Step 3. Cut a hole on the center of the frame.

Step 4. a.Cut the inner line.

b. This is the proper way to cut the frame.

c. Cut the remaining part in opposite side.

This is the finished cut. It's Philippine actor, Piolo Pascual on the cover magazine that serves as the leaning board.

Step 5. Put an appropriate glue on the frame area.

Step 6. Paste the postcard facing the backside.

Step 7. Put a specialty paper as a frame to make the postcard looks more neat.
This is the front view of the postcard.

This is called the back-to-back scrap postcard on the clear book.

How about you? How do you keep your postcards or what do you do with your postcard collection?

Happy Postcard Friday Friendship everyone!


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thanks for sharing this idea!
I keep my cards in two ways: albums with plastic sheets for my core postcards that go with my family history and archival quality cardboard boxes for the rest. The boxes are organized by topic (such as a region or occupation etc.).
Evelyn in Montreal

NenNen said...

Nami kag namit ba! NAmi sang imo postcard, Namit kay Piolo. hahaha

fortuitous faery said...

you're so creative! i just keep my postcards in a postcard album from muji store. the bigger and rectangular ones, i don't have storage for them!

nuts said...

oh my, what happen to my piolo and you use it only as leaning board..(lol) now ko lang nakita proper way of framing a post card. and your postcards are well organized. ang galing!

Terry said...

Happy PFF to you .
Thank you for the postcard scrapbook tutorial.
What an awesome way to show off a collection.
Thank you again for sharing .
Happy Trails

Bob of Holland said...

Thank you for this post. The photo strip nearly became a striptease of the magazine cover man. Funny.

RJ said...

Talagang may larawan- step by step!

Sino ba ang paborito mo, Red? Si John Lloyd o si Piolo?


Postcardy said...

I have lots of postcards so I have lots of boxes made for postcards and also 3-ring binders with pages that have 4 pockets per page.

Debby said...

This is a great idea, thanks for sharing. I am just a store in the box in plastic kind of person, should get creative.
thanks for sharing.

Marie Reed said...

This is just perfect! I've been thinking of making a wall sized montage with all of my modern cards!

For other cards I scan both sides in and then have them filed numerically. I also have each card tagged with keywords so that I can find them easily on my computer:) Happy PFF!

Beth Niquette said...

How clever! What a GREAT idea! Thank you for sharing. Happy PFF!

Chris Overstreet said...

Each of my postcards (except for the odd sized ones) is in a PVC protector, then the cards in turn are stored in acid-free photo storage boxes. Have to preserve them for the great-grandkids I'll have someday! Of course, I'm up to a dozen boxes; I'm running out of room!


Ive emailed you via yahoo. please check and reply ASAP!

now na!

viridian said...

This is great because then you can see the message too.
Oh Piolo! Sigh sigh sigh

Fjordan Allego said...

napakacreative mo talaga kuya red... bigla ko tuloy naaalala yung package mo nung birthday ko.. hahaha! nakakatuwa talaga// sobrang alam ko na ikaw nga talaga ng gumawa nun at hindi mo binili.. ayos talaga!

Sheila said...

Beautifully done! I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience for that.

Marina Miranda said...

wow very interesting indeed!
you are very talent!
happy PFF

Robin said...

I don't have all that many, but of those that I do, I keep them in a binder with clear archive pages that have pockets for postcards. I have a few that are too large to fit in the pockets. I have large clear photo pockets for them.

Thanks for sharing your collage.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Antoine Greg said...

kadlaw ku sa chura ni Fafa P ah, hahahahha.

so chunkee corn beef! lolz!
nami2x. - i mean, naubra moh, di man gd na xa ah, hehehehehe

coolwaterworks said...

Very creative Red! I don't collect postcards that much postcards, and they are not that many like the ones you have. You have given me a good idea instead on the cards always given to me....

Abi ko anay si Piolo ang himuon mo nga postcard... Joke! hehehe...

Sreisaat said...

Wagi! Wagi! Now how did I miss this one?? Thank you, thank you... I can now begin to do this at home. wait, ano gali ang specialty board? Daw illustration board ina siya? Sorry ha, igno guid imo amega hahaha.