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Jul 2, 2009


I learned to dress up gifts from the papercraft book I bought @ National Book Store last year.

This was my first try. Book wrapped sent to Dong Ho sometime last year 2008.

It supposed to be the gift wrap package for Mrs. T. But the post office staff suggested that I should not wrap the package to lessen its weight.

I created this paper dress gift wrap for Blue Rose.

Another style for Dyanie.

And as I've promised, I will send a thank you or photo card for those who will send their postal addresses through email. It's just a part of my 2 years blogsary. So here's the first two little things I already sent.

Fjordz received it on time of his birthday. I love to go to Guimaras and I shared to him my great experience about the place.

I shared the things I love to Allen. But that fireworks like wrapper did not pass in LBC. It is postive of A (H1N1) virus. Just kidding.

More to send. I need to have extra free time to find and do things and wrap them. Thanks for the appreciation guys and for posting it.

Till then.


nuts said...

Beautiful creation, another wonderful work of arts! napak-creative mo talaga.

moongoddesslae said...

wow ganda a...gawin ko yan!

Allen Yuarata said...

Until now nasa cabinet ko padin pati yung LBC plastic. haha. eventhough wala yung fireworks thing kuya, sobra sobra na din yun. thank you very much! ^^,