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Jul 5, 2009


I know I'm late to post and share about "celebrate life" by Doreen as this week's theme in FRIDAY- MY TOWN SHOOT OUT.

Most of the time I can get caught up in everyday life that includes work, stress and appointments. I tend to forget to smell the fresh air and to appreciate the beauty of nature. I even forgot to take quality time with my family and to chill with my friends. Well, yesterday was the good time!

I received an invitation to be a godfather. I knew it because last month I received a good news that my high school classmate and one of my friends delivered a cute baby boy. It was a long years of waiting after their marriage nine years ago. And finally the great blessing came!

Join me to welcome Vance Jenner to the Christian world.

The parents got married in a Catholic church although the guy is an Aglipayan. This time they agreed that their child's baptism would be in Aglipayan Church. I just learned that the difference between Catholic church and Aglipayan church is the latter don't have confession and communion rights. And the Agipayan priest is allowed to marry.

I brought a gift as the tradition and wrapped personally by myself.
The meaning of the name Vance is From the Marsh according to The second name Jenner is the name combination of his parents, Jenalyn and Nerio.

I am the only one among the godfathers who was not in the group picture. I took the photo instead.

That's Emely, my high school classmate/friend and one of the godmothers.

A mother deeply understand the need to recognize how amazing new life is! It's amazing to see the awe, wonder and joy!
Infants cry as a from of basic instinctive communication. This cute baby was trying to express the feeling of discomfort or hunger.

Infants become attached to adults who are sensitive and responsive in social interactions with the infants, and who are remain as consistent caregivers for some time. That's why godmother Emely was talking to baby Vance.

She's also practicing to prepare as a future mom. I hope it will be soon.

Baby Vance is just less than a month old. But look at his hair.
He was so tired after the pictorial session from one table to another. As I looked through his eyes I was once again amazed by God's creation with renewed interest. It made me smile too because I know newborn babies are full of surprises!

Everyone is welcome to join FRIDAY- MY TOWN SHOOT OUT lead by Patty and Gordon. It's fun!


coolwaterworks said...

Ah, the joy of ushering a child to Christendom is always profound...

And taking pictures of infants is just pure fun... :D I did it once with my bestfriend's baby... :D

Paskwa na pila na lang ka bulan Maninoy Red... :D

REDLAN said...

Tama ka @Mark. Gani kadali lang sang mga inadlaw. wala ko pa na-edit ang post entry ko. malapit na ang 18. hehehe

Fjordan Allego said...

wow! bigla ko tuloy naalala nang minsang magninong din ako (this summer lang yun) sa anak ng classmate ko nung hayskul... dami ko nang inaanak, hirap lang kapag dumarating na yung time na ako na ang hahanapin ng mga batang yun para sa regalo hahaha!

Lawstude said...

welcome to the christian world van.

ako din dami ko na inaanak. pag may bago nga invite nag papa late na ko para di na umatend ng seminar lol.

the donG said...

may he be surrounded with people of great heart.

welcome to the Christian world.

Blue Rose said...

welcome to the christian world vance!

nuts said...

it is truly a blessings to be a one of the godfathers. happy christening!

Doreen said... adorable! this is so special. thanks so much for sharing with us to Celebrate Life!! fantastic post!!

Grace Albaugh said...

What a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing it with us. Nice use of the theme.