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May 12, 2009


NON-STOP- is my current mode as what I can describe it. I know it will be FOREVER. OMG! I can say I hate it but wait I remembered someone corrected me of saying hate. So I rather say, I don't like it. Non-stop work, done a particular work and here's another work to be done. My clients' problem became mine and I am one to solve it. Although, problems can be solved I believe in that saying. There's always a way. Good thing, I am currently single. I can't imagine myself the time I was in some relationships that I had to balance my time for my friends, family and my X. One thing I can advise you is to have time with them together. It's like the saying, "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who my friends are para barkada. I even did one secret task. My BFF was kept asking my special friend to treat her a slice of cake every time they meet of course with me. I secretly sent a text message to my special friend and we entered in the male comfort room so that we can talk without my girl best friend. I gave money to my special friend and then he paid the snack. And they became friends then. There was a time that my friends, my X and me decided to watch a movie or sometime we went out to have a dinner, I treated them fairly but I can't treat them all; I can't treat them all the time. So I just secretly gave money to my X (that X was an X for the choice of (X) no work). By the way, when I am busy, I don't talk to my friends, I can't go out with them, I can't even send sms message to them and even can't reply to their forwarded messages nor ignored them at all. But when the busy days' over, that's the time I make up for them. Rest assured, I am NOT that kind of friend who just talk, text or meet you when I need you and I need your help.

But forgive me someone, I have to say I hate my aunt this afternoon. She was sleeping and just turned off the telly when she wake up. Not knowing that someone was silently watching the pilot episode of BOYSTOWN. She went back to sleep and I just walked out in mute. I respect elders. But I can do naughty things so expect me to dial our landline number (that's one of the seven facts about me) and oh no! I know you don't know about this blog But forgive me aunt.

The paper art above was done today. It gave me a hard time. It made me late to a client's work schedule. I love arts more than my work that's why. I am working in a wrong career and I am still doing the things I really love. I wish my world's situation will reverse soon and I will forget about arts and will love my work more.

Lastly, can you describe or tell me what do you think or tell me the story behind my art? I worked it for just one theme but it ended and came up for me to think multiple stories when I see the finished product.

So what do you think about it? May be we have the same thing(s) in mind.


Reena said...

okay lng yan red. meron tlga periods when we don't get to meet our friends or family because of hectic schedule. maybe it's best to inform them ahead of time that you'll be busy.

naku...all i can say is, follow your dreams. :) good luck!

the donG said...

it's difficult to interpret the artwork without the faces of the too. but the way i see it, there's love there. hehehe... akala mo malalim ano. belated happy mother's day nga pala.salamat sa greetings.

RJ said...

Artwork? Siguro 'Rainy Day'? Huhmn, pero walang raindrops! Ano kaya 'yan?

Dakilang alalay? Tagabitbit ng bag, hindi naman magkasalo sa iisang maliit na payong...

Siguro may LQ?

Lawstude said...

parang it is a courtship of sorts but its cool. anything from u is good red. :)

eJay said...

kaya moh na TO!hehehe tudluan moh ko TO secret mo sa blog TO ha...




Musta Red?

Blue Rose said...

wala kang kupas redlan. ganda talaga ng artworks mo.

upon seeing your work, naalala ko ang isang lalaking naliligaw pa lamang. bitbit ang bag ng babaeng nililigawan. kahit nahihiya eh hindi makatanggi dahil basted ang aabutin. hehehe