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Apr 4, 2009


Reena tagged me to reveal "the 7 facts about me". I guess, I already did this meme so I am thinking the new things about me to share.

1. If you think I am an organized person, you're wrong! My personal belongings are scattered inside my bag and room. It's always a disaster when I am working or looking for something. I have to fix it again and again.

2. I have loyalty. I studied in the same school from high school to college. I am a loyal Kapamilya. And most of all I am a loyal friend.

3. I have much patience. I am working in a company for more than 10 years now even I know I have no future in that company. I have patience in working of things with other people.

4. I treat people fairly. I treat my real friends and I was being threatened.

5. I am gay and will be the same for the rest of my life. It's hard to be a gay but I find it harder to fool myself.

6. I am a gay guy and I love children. I hate people(especially gays) who abused kids.

7. I am not a religious person nor what they call spiritual. I go to church for only one reason and that is to be enlighten. I believe that you can find Him always in your heart.

I will reveal more things next time.


HalfCrazy said...

Haha, we're the same when it comes to number 2. I'm a loyal Kapamilya, student and friend. It's one of the many awesome qualities I possess. HAHA LOL may ganun eh noh? Just kidding but yes, I am loyal.

Good to know Numbers 5 and 6 - I didn't know that. Now I want to hang around with you, I love gay people LOL.


after a year, there are still facts that i dont know about you Mr. RED!

I didnt know na gasimba ka gle (joke). LOL!

Have u noticed, daw wala ako naka sulat about me going to church sa site ko

I had difficulty accessing ur site yesterday. Mayo kay ok na.

Mrs T said...

Red, you are the most generous person i have known. I should know..... happy weekend!

Antoine Greg said...

i think the more artistic you are the less you are organized. hehehe
abstract eh.!
at least we can sumhow find some time to fix things... hehheeh

Dennis Villegas said...

That list speaks volumes about your kindheartedness, Red!

On another topic, I'd be going to Ilo-ilo this Holy Week, and this will be my first time in the city. Any tip on an affordable but nice hotel in the city?

If you can text me the answer, I'd appreciate it very much as I'll no longer be online after this: 09087275818


sheng said...

To know you from what you have revealed is like knowing a real friend i have long known. Thanks red, but with your number 1, i doubt it. You always show very organized stuffs in your pictures...

Nance said...

nice to know more about you, red! those are nice qualities to have.

the donG said...

i am a witness to this red. you're a loyal, generous and humble friend. you just didnt mention that you're shy. hehehe... di ba?

Blue Rose said...

it is so nice to know more about you red. thanks for sharing it with us. stay as nice as you are!