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May 14, 2009


My friend decided to create a blog when he discovered I have a blog. He asked me to help him build his own. I gave him some advices and I promised to guide him. I gave him some tips too based on my own experience. He asked me an idea of what the best name for his blog is and what the nice template for him. Building a blog is like building a friendship. It is good to start a blog with the two qualities- being friendly and being true. It is also important to value other’s view and accept what comment you will receive. Having a good content is one of the factors to convince your readers to keep coming on your blog.

It is good to start your blog with webhosting. It makes the work easier especially when you are into business and you will use your website for online business. I heard about lots of webhosting services. I recommended my friend to find and choose the best webhosting provider for him at Webhostinggeeks. It is important to review the webhosting provider. Most of people look for the best price-value, reliable, unique features and use-friendly. It is better to have webhost from the very start. The webhost not only gives you security but gives you the up to date web hosting news and other special webhosting services.

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