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Apr 6, 2009


Here are a few random secrets of mine. This is Redlan and I will reveal some of my secrets. I can't tell all though.

1. According to my father, before I celebrate my 9th birthday, may kukuha sa akin. Pssttttt2. Joke! Seriously, when I was a kid I can't forget and I can't take it now. I saw myself at the mirror wearing my mom's dress and beneath it was the bra (with big padding, is the spelling right?) of my sister. Then suddenly my brother caught me in the act. He said Psst! I was in panic then. Until now my mother and my sister still don't know about it. It's still a secret.

2. I read the love letters of my sister from her first ever and last boyfriend. A bunch of letters from courtship to breakup. I did not admit that I was the one who read it until she decided to burn them.

3. I once had a collection of pornographic mags and hid it on the very bottom of my drawer. (I burned it already)

4. I dated two prostitutes (not at the same time) just out of curiosity. I wanted that my questions were to be answered, the questions WHY & HOW.

5. My ex don't know that I was the one who ruin our relationship after I knew and found out that there was really a third party.

6. I made friends, enjoyed the company and dumped the third party. The third party doesn't know my hidden agenda.

7. Every time I wake up in the middle of my sleep or early in the morning because of the noise cause of my housemates' quarrel, very loud sound of music, I simply call our landline. I keep it ringing until they calm down or the volume will lower down. (Tumitigil yung away o hinhinaan ang sound para sagutin ang phone. Hello? Hello?! Hello!!!) Ha-ha.

8. I still secretly check the online account of the people that are part of my past.

9. When I feel bored I found myself typing the X. There are a lot of X online. If you watched the particular episode of XXX on Channel 2, cyber sex is really rampant online. I discovered it actually early 2000. They are funny, foolish people. They are like robots and slave dolls. I usually pretend to be interested with them just to know their whereabouts. They are working with a boss. The payment is on per minute basis. One point something in USD per minute. I have to tell you this, don't cam or make a video of yourself that would turn out to be a scandal. (I tried to forget the URL.)

10. I have some collections from paper to hankies. Plus I keep a grey hair. It's not an ordinary hair.It's rare. It's one of a kind.

My secrets are both big and ordinary. I know some secrets of people too. I can keep secrets. I am not the type of person telling other people's secrets especially if we are in the same company or in a circle of friends. You will know more secrets if you keep them. But never never tell a secret if you think it will be the weapon to damage you in the future.

I know you have some secrets too. I just don't actually know them exactly.


coolwaterworks said...

I laughed when I read about #7 here... How ingenius! Will try it soon... :)

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, number 1 is funny. I'm sure your Mom and sister will know about it someday LOL.

Good for you that you burned those porn magazines already. It's better than having people in your household know about them haha!

As for number 4, just what did you learn from them? I think it would be interesting.

Jeanny said...

you cracked me up Red lalo na yung number 1. Your sister dont know this blog ba?

the donG said...

kulit ng post na to. simula ngayon hindi na to sekreto kasi pinost mo na dito.

Antoine said...

BOnGGA! Hmmm>>>!!!
i see a bunCh of myself in you nOng! hahaha
since those chilDhood secrets asta sa mga kaechosan, eheheheh...\Live liFe EkA nGa! hahahaha

sheng said...

Secret, pssst. Wala ako niyan, hahaha, ay meron pala, secret!

Hi Red, ikaw ha, you have a lot...I enjoyed reading them.



ako si superman.

Blue Rose said...

hahaha. kakatuwa ka talaga red. secret? marami din ako nyan. pero secret nalang muna. hehehe

lucas said...

ohhhh...usapang sikreto pala dito (TAKBO NA!!!) ahehe...kidding :P

all of us has secrets. some are so dark we wish they remain concealed forever...

nagbabasa din ako ng mga love letters ng ate ako. ok lang naman siguro kasi purosa ex naman niya eh. ahaha!

REDLAN said...

Coolwaterworks: Effective talaga yan. hehehe

Halfcrazy: Hindi nila alam yung nagyari. HIndi ko na nasabi. Kakatawa ngang isipin nagawa natin ang mga bagay na sa huli marealized natin na hindi tama pero may na learn tayo sa experience na yun. I learned sa number 4: Prostitute is always a prostitute.

Jeanny: Alam niya na may blog ako pero wala siyang alam sa mga blog blog na yan. Hindi ko naman isusulat ito kapag alam niya kasi patay ako sa kanya.

Dong: Hindi na nga sekreto at nangyari na ito. Pinakawalan ko na. hehehe

Antoine: Yes we are. hehehe

Sheng: Thanks at nag enjoy ka. hehehe

KJ: Hmmmmm. AKo si darna. joke.

Blue Rose: Okay lang yan. Kapag malet go mo na siya maiibulgar na na yan.

Lucas: Yung sa akin nagalit siya nun. Lol

HalfCrazy said...

Aww, really? I thought may something unique about them. Yun ay kung sineryoso mo sila. Siguro?

lucas said...

Ganun? ahehe! well i guess we deserve it. :P

eto na yata pinakamaikli kong post...i'm on a writer's block i think...waaa!

Lawstude said...

Just wanna share this fave verse of mine kasi Holy Week na:

"For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory." Romans 11:36

May you have a meaningful lenten season Red.

Anonymous said...

Did you pay for the prostitute when u dated them? just curious. hehehe

""rare*jonRez"" said...

wow! grabe 'tong secrest na 'to red. total revelations! well, i commend you for sharing your secrets with the blogosphere!

by the red, i need your help. dun sa contest that i joined, the voting starts now. could u vote for me and help me campaign to your friends to vote for me, too? well, only if u think i deserve though! lol here's my voting page about it!

thank you Red!

Neha said...

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Anonymous said...

Aba Red mabigat itoh! Pinagpawisan ako ah. Lalo na sa number 9, haha.

nuts said...

sssshhhhh.. i saw this link in your timeline, wag ka maingay, yung number 8, ginawa ko rin yan minsan. (lagot, na-trace kaya ako sa web-stat, abah, swerte niya ha at care ko pa visit online) lol..
secret toh ha.. ssshhhh