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Apr 8, 2009


It started to go bad when Jesus told the people what they didn't want to hear. Look at what He did. He threw the money changers out of the temple area. He taught that tax collectors and prostitutes could enter the kingdom of heaven before the religious. He told the people to pay taxes. Then He pronounced a series of woes against the religious leaders. "Woe to you, scribes and Pha-risees.

But this is Jesus. The righteous One. The only perfect Man. God in the flesh. He was not in town for popularity contest. His task was to proclaim the truth and provide salvation. And it cost Him His life.

Think about Jesus' up-and-down week in Jerusalem. Then praise Him for His perfection and His love- love that took Him all the way to the cross.

Some of the churches in Western Visayas I visited:

Jaro Cathedral

San Jose church

Molo church

Tigbauan church

Villa church

Alimodian church

Pavia church

Santa Barbara church

Balaan Bukid chapel

Guimbal church

Janiuay church

San Joaquin church

Tubungan church

Miag-ao church


lucas said...

the older the church, the more it looks mystifying...

the first one caught my attention, the one with white stone walls...

a blessed season, red :)

olan said...

ei red, ur post reminds me that modern and baroque churches indicates that changes or times must not hinder our inclination to practice and observe the true meaning of lent.

Nance said...

Wow! there are a lot of nice churches in that area. love the architecture of them all!
Have a wonderful Easter, Red.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

they're all beautifully captured Red! great job!!!

Sreisaat said...

Great shots, Red. Familiar sa akon ang mga simbahan a kay na-aagyan ina namon kung magpa-Iloilo kami. Nag-visita Iglesia ka?

Dennis Villegas said...

Hi Red,

Due to lack of time, I was only able to visit the San Joaquin and Miagao Churches. I will probably be back soon to visit more places in Ilo-ilo and to meet you. I would have loved to meet you there but I was afraid you were busy, and I also had very limited time.

Tes. I visited Guimaras. Beautiful island!

kg said...

i've been to miag-ao church when my family and I went to Iloilo. it was beautiful! :)

the donG said...

wow! thanks for sharing this. ive been to four in your list. but i like to see on my next trip the churches of jaro, tigbauan and pavia (as based on your photos).

nuts said...

well captured! .. I wouldnt know about these churches if not in this blog. thanks for sharing photos. Great post!