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Mar 3, 2009


Have you ever experience that you forget what you are supposed to do? I am always like that. Sometimes I even forgot what to say next. I was alarmed when my officemate told me that maybe I am one of those people with dementia. I don’t much understanding dementia. I even don’t know what dementia symptoms are. So I did research online. With Dementia guide I was able to know what illness dementia is; what the symptoms is and I even knew what dementia treatment procedures are. Many patients with dementia experience anxiety symptoms. Some studies world-wide have found that music therapy may be useful in helping patients with dementia.

1 comment:

RJ said...

Kapag matanda ka na talaga, posibleng maging makakalimutin. Memory gap ba ito? Naalala ko dati may inuming tunutulong para maiwasan ang pagiging makalimutin. Ina-advertise pa yun sa TV dati.

Kung bata pa, tulad natin, pero nagsisimula nang maging makalimutin... ah siguro busy lang kaya dapat may organizer para reminder, mag-alarm sa mobile phone, etc.

Pero ang palagi ngang itinatanong sa iLonggo Red, "Ano bulong sa lipat?"

Huhmn. Guripat. U