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Mar 3, 2009


Charito invited me through YM to come @ her parent’s house on fiesta day even she can’t be with us since she is working in Canada.

It’s Emely who always organize everything and just inform us when there is an event to attend. We teased her that she is our acting class president. We meet up after our high school graduation until now even if we have our own set of new found friends and busy with our own lives. Since I am one of the busiest people, I did not promise to join them. But I always tried to join naman. My answer is not always YES neither NO but “I will try to”.

Harry informed me through text that Ernesto and Felixberto will join us. I rarely meet them so in last minute I decided to join them. I hate waiting that’s why I am always late. He-he. Harry came early. He was active during our high school days. He was a member of our volleyball varsity team, a folk dancer and PMT officer. He was one of my close friends. We were three actually- the fans of Guwapings.

“Here comes Robelyn”, Harry announces. She is still a political minded lady. She was one of the honor students from first to fourth year high. She didn’t like her hair to be touched yet she loved to pamper her friends. She’s ma-chika until now.

Emely came with a friend. She still maintains her flashy smile. The two of us have something in common. We have the same birthday and we loved showbiz. We were both fans of Manilyn Reynes before.

While we were waiting Felixberto, we talked about our high school funny moments. Until now, they still wonder how I managed to have that neat uniform during high school. They used to tease me that I was afraid to lean on the back of the chair. It was my sister who trained me to be neat and clean. And my classmates didn’t know that I ironed my clothes before I went back to school after lunch time.

Felixberto came without his girlfriend. I’ve observed that we grown up and getting old but still slight immature fellows. We are getting fat too except Robelyn. We called her a drug addict and on withdrawal process. We were on the way to Charito’s house when we received a text message from Chat. She asked if we already at her parents’ house. She will call to talk to us. Charito or chat as we call her was an Intramural basketball player. I can’t forget her using her alabaster skin to attract and her sexy flawless legs to block her lesbian opponent as we shouted “defense”!

We had fun and bid goodbye with a full stomach.

From left to right- Emely, Robelyn, Moi, Harry &Felixberto

Jaro fiesta came. Robelyn invited us to come over. I escaped from the office to be able to join them. Felixberto was not able to make it. Jenalyn and her husband were the replacement. Everything about Jenalyn is beautiful- the beautiful face, the beautiful smile, the beautiful handwritten. No wonder she is the only person married in our group. Back then, from second to fourth year, we were rivalry in the position of class secretary. I was voted secretary and she ended up as my assistant secretary. However, it turned out as if she was our secretary and not me because she was the one who always wrote on the board.

(L-R- Emely's friend, Emely, Robelyn, Moi, Harry, Jenalyn & her husband who happened to be our schoolmate.)

It is nice to know that for how many years passed, we are still connected with each other and remain good friends. I really appreciate the kindness of Emely; Charito’s care; the loyalty of Robelyn; the lively company of Harry; the gentle way of Felixberto and the nice treatment of Jenalyn. Mind you she is pregnant and we are excited to welcome her baby to the world. Thank you guys for making me part of the company. Thanks for the great times!

Do you have your own high school friends’ story too? This is still part of the 13 boring days.


the donG said...

it really is great to see old friends. im sure having friends that long will really be authentic.

sa borbouns masarap ang pagkain. hehehe...

Blue Rose said...

it's really nice to see high school friends. kulitan. kwentuhan ng mga kalokohan during high school days. kakatuwa.

we are having our alumni homecoming this coming may. but sad to say 50-50 ang chance namin ni hubby na makaattend. nakakahiya man coz i'm the class president for our batch kaya lang mas nakakahiya kung aattend kami tapos wala man lang kaming macontribute. sa probinsya kasi kantyawan yan kapag alam na nasa manila ang work mo.

MeL said...

Tama ba yun nakita ko.. nakakandong sayo yun isang HS friend mo sayo? lol.

It's nice to build long lasting friendship with people talaga. Tapos sabay reminisce nun HS days nyo dba? :)

Jeanny said...

Mas masaya college ko kesa sa HS. Dont know why. May set of friends din naman ako sa HS kaso the college buds were more crazy kasi, eh Im crazy too kaya the friendship grew. The only thing is, most of them are outside the country na. Good thing, friendster and facebook are invented hahaha.

Have an awesome Wed!

REDLAN said...

Dong: Old friends to treasure wish to be together hanggang old age. hehe. Hanggang ngayon ba ninguguya mo pa ang spare ribs ng bourbon ha? joke. hehehe

Blue Rose: Nagka okrayan rin about sa mga funny moments nung high school. Uy, presidente ka pala. Galiong naman.

MeL: So Robelyn pa, pwede mo nang mahagis sa kapayatan niya. joke lang.

Jeanny; Meron din akong set of college friends. Galing ng internet no? Connecting people still.

princess_dyanie said...

"I hate waiting that’s why I am always late"

hahaha! lagi ka pla late ah! :P