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Feb 15, 2009


It was raining all day yesterday. It reminded me that I am single on Valentine's Day. I stayed at home the whole day doing artworks because it was like messy to go out and I had no date. I fell asleep and I did not noticed I slept on the floor with papers scattered around. When I am doing arts I usually do it on the floor. I have a small table and sit on the floor. I am lying on the floor inside my room sometime. Back then, I woke up having a stiff neck last night. I guess I need to buy air mattress. Maybe raised air bed as it is off the ground. I can use it for camping too.


Antoine Greg said...

bakit Red, bakit????

damu single ladies gb-e sa smallville, hahahaha

ui, te diin na ang gin ubra muh???

i bet it's lovely, hahahah

caryn said...

hey red, happy valentines! ;-)

i found the airbed a bit too soft for my taste, but i guess its how much you inflate it ;-)

sheng said...

Happy Vday, show your works to us sometime, post it!

RJ said...

Siguro ang nightmare ay magiging fairy tale kung maipapaskil mo rito ang mga obra mo noong Valentine's day, Red. U