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Feb 15, 2009


Jeanny or Genie to others is celebrating her birthday today. She is happily married to DJ. She loves to pamper her husband with all the foods she cook and bake. That's why I came up to create this kind of birthday card for her.

inside view of the card


Mari said...

Jeanny is lucky to get a handmade birthday card from you. You are very creative; truly an artist.

sheng said...

You will surely make Jeanny's day a happy one.

Christian Bryan said...

HAPPY BDAY Jeanny!!!

Gusto ko sa Bday ko card na Superman Kuya RED! Or kaya Transformers na origami! hahahaha

pinahirapan ba?!


ms firefly said...

that is sooo cute!

jeanny said...

This post made me smile again. Thanks ulit for this ha. This means a lot to me! :)