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Feb 12, 2009


Yes, I am in love. Not only one but two. That's why I have no time to update my blog. Don't be too much excited to know it. Number one, I am in love with my work. It makes me busy and it will be until the end of April. Whew! Number two, it is Love of arts. I love arts more than anyone else. No wonder I am single now. Obviously, I don't have a special date this coming Saturday. So, I am not one of those lucky, lovely individual. Hmmm.

There are more lucky persons and couples out there. One of them is Jeanny who gonna have a double celebration. She will celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday and her birthday on Sunday. Speaking of celebrating her birthday, she will be giving a Moleskine Large Ruled Notebook! Is it cool right? So here I created a birthday card for her. You can join her birthday contest too. Just check her site for the mechanics.

I just created this card last night while watching Kapamilya teleseryes. I painted it with poster colors during commercial break. What you see is just the front view. There's a twist like what most of the teleserye story plot. I will show the message and the inside view of the card on Sunday.

Once again, happy Valentine's day in advance to all (dalawang tulog na lang). Oh, I missed to read your latest posts. I'll do it later tonight.


Blue Rose said...

aww! ang sweet mo naman red. that thing will surely make the birthday girl - jeanny, very happy.

advance happy valentine to you red.

jeanny said...

oo nga 2 tulog na lang excited na nga ko hehehe.
Salamat sa card ha. Alam mo ba favorite ko si garfield. Ang ganda, your so creative :)

RJ said...

Sa work pala at sa arts?! Halata naman eh.

Ito ang Garfield na gawa ni Redlan, hindi ni Jim Davis! Nice, Red! (,"o

Christian Bryan said...

awwww... In love pala si edward cullen eh! hahaha

sorry sa pagka busy! :)

Happy valentines Kuya Red! Let's all be in love :)


And the Creator has a purpose for your single blessedness (at the moment) my dear blogfriend Red...

lucas said...

i'll celebrate the valentine's day with my haley james :)

cool card. talaga? poster color ginamit mo? have a very steady hand then...

cool :P

the donG said...

hehehe... in love ka nga. happy birthday dj!

Allen Yuarata said...

You did that all by yourself? Cool!

ghee said...

Happy Valentine`s Day Too!

Nice,always be in love with two then :)

yeah,i saw you at Mel and Bry`s blog.Thank you for the visit.

Nice work by the way!! :D


Nance said...

nice card, red! you are a very good artist! can't wait to see what's on the inside.

Nobe said...

hey enjoy life and being single. you'll have the rest of your life with your children and your wife later. ikaw lang matakan:)


""rare*jonRez"" said...

that's good red! love doesn't always have to be somebody of the opposite sex. you know what i mean? even if i were single right now, i still will be very much inlove! :)

keep loving red! :)