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Feb 3, 2009


These useless things are the things I bought last December.

* Specialty paper- it's still unused (x)

* 5 transparent plastic envelope- I used some for keeping important documents such as community tax, Official receipts of my clients. They depend on me. They keep on asking the OR numbers.

* nylon envelope- still unused (x)

* string envelope- still unused (x)

* 5 assorted colored envelope- I keep monthly files such as tax returns.

* KINGJIM grade school notebook- this is very useful to me. Before I used to take down important info or notes in a piece of note pad but I usually lost them and it was hard for me to find. Now, everything is on this notebook (all most all are figures).

* Sterling planner 2009- It reminds me my bill due payments. It serves as my reminder.

* Address book- here I listed all the numbers registered on my mobile phone and the address of important people including those people I've just met online.

* Files envelope- I put assorted documents to be filed.

* Colored plastic envelope- Here I put my statement of accounts with receipt. I counter-check and throw them after I paid my bills.

As the year starts, my busy life starts to evolve too. I usually do multi-tasking. Talking on the phone while computing, encoding, posting and sometimes eating while working. I am like an all around tissue (Hambal sang friend ko daw wala na ko tiempo manglalaki- it's just a joke, a figure of speech, lmao)


the donG said...

that's why i dont believe in the line "you cant do two things at the same time". the last paragraph of this post proves that. Hehehe

jeanny said...

hahaha galing mong multitasker!

Have a great day!

RJ said...

Naalala ko nga, namili ka ng mga 'to last December. Siguro naman habang gumagawa ka ng mga arts mo para rito sa Redlan's Web of Arts ay lots of fun na ito para sa 'yo. 'Di ba?

Napanood ko sa Bandila, parang kapistahan ng Nuestra Sra. de Candelaria sa iLoiLo... Nandu'n ka ba ulit, Red?


You know what you need?

Gwapong Personal Alalay!

(para may taga-organize ka na, may lovelife pa. lol!)

sheng said...

ummm, ti cge na, try ka man panglalaki ay! hehehe

REDLAN said...

Dong: Haha. Ka intindi ka gle.

REDLAN said...

Jeany: Ang hirap nga.

REDLAN said...

RJ: Sa Jaro yun. Pumunta kami dun para kumain. hehehe

REDLAN said...

KJ: Ayoko ng love life. Di ko kapagusto lagaw.

REDLAN said...

Sheng: Haha. Kaintindi.

Blue Rose said...

i can so relate red. sobrang busy din sked ko this year. kakapagod pero kailangang multi-tasking otherwise hindi ako makakahabol sa deadline.