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Feb 3, 2009


Wow, time flies so fast! Thanks for Movado watch for keeping me update always. It's month of Love again( Love me again?) It's the couple's month they say. And how about the singles (it includes me). Do we need to watch Ruffa Mae's movie instead? Ha-ha. I can say I am alone but I am NOT lonely. I never feel that way since I am busy. I prefer to be single for now. All I wish is to have my own child. I should stop here it before the things turn worst.

It's February 1st. I just remember then the blog tag ZJ passed to me last two months. It suits for this month since it's a BLOG LOVE TAG. So I post it here. Many thanks to ZJ!
And here's another one from her. She surprised me with this keychain she sent through the effort and kindness of her brother, Patrick (just like her). Thanks to both of you! It hangs on my lil bag and this photo will be a memory of friendship and thoughtfulness. It is one of the treasure photos I keep on my album.

On the other hand, Mel tagged me. Here I reveal my 5 addictions (parang tough ten questions to ah).

addiction number 5: I am addicted in collecting postcards from other countries now. I love sending and receiving them.

addiction number 4 (as if my background sound. Ha-ha): I am addicted making arts than doing my job. It's like arts is my work and my job is only my passion.

addiction number 3: I am addicted in collecting Armando Caruso hankies. I have more than 50 pieces now.

addiction number 2: I am addicted in blogging. It becomes my prayer all day. I check my blog before going to work, on work and before I sleep.

addiction number 1: I am addicted to teleseryes on ABS-CBN. My world stops on primetime bida. I don't know why T.V. series motivate me to be good, to weigh things, to know what is good and what is bad. I learned to appreciate simple things. But I hate the MMK's episode last night. It made me cry. Lmao! The last time I cried was when I watched Ploning. I don't usually watch teleserye and cry. Plonging's particular scene and MMK's episode last night was about the relationship of father-son. I realized that it made me cry.

I want to tag all those who are on my blogroll and willing to do this. I want to know your addictions too if it's just okay with you.


Christian Bryan said...

hello Kuya REd :)

yes ako ang una rin dito! :)

I was able to take a glimpse of the MMK episode, siguro mga 2 gaps napanuod ko and it bores me... hehehe

Happy Love Month. i hope makahanap ka na rin ng para sau! :)

REDLAN said...

Nakaka-bore si Joross. I like the role of Albert Martinez. Tinamaan ata ako dun. lol

RJ said...

Wala ako sa bahay ko kaya hindi ako nakapanood ng MMK.

Ayos din ang mga addictions mo Red, talagang ang mundo ay punung-puno ng kulay at ganda kapag ikaw ang tumingin! Nai-inspire tuloy ako.

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Love month na!!!!


> Vanny < said...

i am carusso hankie collector too! =)


MMK made you cry? I watched Charlotte's web and that made me cry...

Valentines na RED... May date ka na?

sheng said...

Red, gusto ko rin ng mga postcards na natatanggap ko sa postcrossing, I love them all.

rara said...

i colect ultraman stuffs. haha

PUSANG-gala said...

looks like everybody's really excited about valentines---ako----kunwari wl lang muna---wla pakong idea sa date ko e. keke

Handkechiefs? I haTE them---coz they're like ballpens, I lose them after a few seconds--keke

Dennis Villegas said...

I guess we are quite common on the #2 and #3.

Blogging exercises my mind, and I hone my photography and writing skills.

Armando Caruso have indeed very beautiful designs and a wide variety of colors, although I own only five.

Nance said...

Hmmm, Redlan, you gave me an idea for a blog. I have a collection of really old postcards, I'll dig them out and blog about it. watch for it in my blog. :)

so you like collecting postcards from other countries, email me your addy at and I'll send you some.

Sidney said...

Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.
-W. Somerset Maugham-

MeL said...

Thank you for ding the tag, Kuya Red! :)

Mababaw din ako. Apir! :)

Sinong ka-date mo? :D

jeanny said...

addicted din ako sa panongolekta ng caruso na hanky :)