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Jan 22, 2009


DINAGYANG FESTIVAL is a celebration in honor of Sr. Sto. Niño, held every fourth weekend of January. The City of Iloilo is transformed into virtual stages as thousands of local and foreign tourists mix it up dancing with local devotees and costumed soot-covered atis tribe members to the beat of drums, xylophones and just any other instruments to create sounds.

To know more about DINAGYANG FESTIVAL, just check the website:

STATUS: I am still working like an ox. Todo na 'to. I just dropped by to post the latest happenings here in Iloilo. I missed to read your entries too! I'll celebrate the Dinagyang this coming weekend. Hang on guys!



Hala Bira! na naman Red?

I think this will be shown via the net/abscbnow so ma watch ko.

Barbara Martin said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful introduction to the Dinagyang Festival. The costumes are beautiful with their vibrant colours.

Dennis Villegas said...

Happy Dinagyang, Redlan!This is one Festival I would love to attend someday. Colorful, colorful festival!

Sreisaat said...

Hala, bira! Pwera pasma!!
Would you believe Iloilo is just an hour and a half bus-ride from Roxas pero wala pa gid ako makakadto da para mag-Dinagyang? How I wish I could -- in the future :)

Hope you'll post your Dinagyang photos here!

Ayel said...

Hala. Daw nami magdinagyang sa Iloilo ba. :D Happy Dinagyang Festival, Red! :D Haven't experienced that ever.

lucas said...

HALA BIRA! WOHOOOO! happy fiesta sa inyo!:)

nako busy ka na lang lagi! haha! but thanks for making time to drop by :)

lucas said...

off topic: hehe! medyo nga. pero sabi ni michael natuto lang daw xa 20 days before the auditions. hehe! he's cooler i think than jason.

PUSANG-gala said...

simula na naman ng mga festivities sa Visayas---how I wish I live there~~~