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Dec 31, 2008


Dog is man's best friend they say. I am not lucky to have one. Although I love to own a dog but since I am always busy working, I prefer not to take care animals. It would be unfair to them that I can't take care of them. Animals need attention and care just like humans.

The dog on the photo is my sister's pet. I adopt him some time but I am always careful when he enters my room because he loves to bite things especially papers.

Today, I'm leaving to visit my family in the province. It would be a two day vacation. I'll leave my blog and this dog will be the guard. He barks to strangers. Just don't forget to call him. Panda is his name.

See you next year guys! Have a fruitful new year and I hope more blessings to come in 2009. God bless!


RJ said...

Ayos ah, may bantay pa ang Redlan's Web of Arts!

Hindi naman ako kinagat ni Panda, hindi nga tumahol ngayong nakita nya ako. o",)


the donG said...

hahaha... astig post! galing ng asong yan ah. retriever ba yan?

ingat sa byahe! sa one na kita babatiin ng happy new year.


Happy New Year RED!

lucas said...

hi panda! send my regards to your master :) happy new year!

enjoy your vacation red :)

sheng said...

Happy New Year Panda!

Lawstude said...

i love animals. i have a dog named dilbert. i am just glad that my sister looks after him when i am at work or in other places.

anyways, happy new year my friend and i really enjoyed and appreciated the returns and visits to each others' blogs in 2008. cheers for more in 2009!!!

Anonymous said...


More Artworks from your bright mind and creative hands :)

Mari said...

Here Panda! Don't bite. I just came to visit Redlan.

Have a Happy New Year, Red.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

kakatakot yang guard mo red! takot ako sa aso eh! hahaha!

happy new year to you and ur family red.. may peace, love, joy, and good health reign ur heart in 2009! more success! :)

God bless...

Nance said...

He must have considered me as friend then, he didn't barked at me! good boy! lol

Hi Panda ... nice meeting you!