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Jan 2, 2009


Single parenthood may occur for a variety of reasons, It is by choice or by incident. By choice could be opted for by the parent such as in divorce, adaptation, artificial insemination, surrogate motherhood, or extramarital pregnancy. Death or abandonment by one parent is examples of single parenthood caused of an incident. Single parenthood is a stage of life rather than a lifelong family form. Many re-partner and form a stepfamily.

Single parent families are at a higher risk of poverty than couple families, and on average single mothers have a poorer health than couple mothers. Single parent carries more responsibilities. He/She is the mother-father of his/her child or children. A woman may voluntarily become a choice parent by artificial insemination with donor sperm. Women who choose insemination or adaptation to become parents are also referred to as “choice moms” or “choice mothers”. And there are small but growing number of men who also choose to become single parents, and they may be referred to as “choice fathers. It is achieved through surrogacy. Most of the men are gay but some are straight. Notable examples include singer Ricky Martin. There are also some Filipino celebrities who are single parents. One of them is Piolo Pascual.

A common way for single parents to seek and receive help is over the Internet by conversing with other single parents in similar situations. It is called Single Parent Chat. There’s a website available, offering discussion forum and helpful advice to those single parents who find themselves alone and it is called

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