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Dec 30, 2008


Before the year ends, most of the people collect the 13 fruits and put them on the dining table during new year's eve. It is the Chinese tradition that some races including Filipinos follow until now. In a different way, before I welcome 2009, I created featured art headers for the 13 bloggers. It's my simple way of saying "thank you" to my fellow bloggers turned friends and it's the way I appreciate them. Doing and express what I feel through art is the thing I loved doing in 2008. I filed them on a clear book. This is a remembrance of my blogging experience that every time I glance at it, I would remember the good times. So this is my entry for this week's challenge in MMM.

This is actually one of the pages of the scrapbook album I gave to Recel for his smart and cute daughter Triz.

I created this header paper art for ZJ, an Ilongga who is recently living in Cambodia with her husband.

Roselle is happily living with her family in Chicago. I loved doing this matting art paper.

Mojo Potato or JMA is a fellow Ilonggo writer and photographer. I put paper curtain on this feature art.

Luckily, I met Dong Ho. He is an engineer, traveler and photographer. The nature views were taken in my region.

Another fellow Ilonggo who is living together with his own family and working in Cambodia for arts and fashion

Lawstude is a perfect guy with a perfect hands. All his shots are perect.

Bry is a pogi blogger who is frank and nice.

Mel is a sweet blogger and helpful friend

Mrs. T is the nicest, thoughtful and heLpful of them all. I sewed flowers on paper header for her.

Blue Rose is so kind. I paint blue roses header for her. It's her daughter's photo.

I admired this guy online. I can't imagine how and where he got all the words he is writing on his blog. He is so expressive in writing.

What I love about this guy is the way he deliver his lines. I love his punchlines. I love reading is post. It's my daily reading routine.

Actually, there are lots of cool bloggers I met online. It would be a longest post but I will continue featuring them next year. Thank you for the inspiration and the kindness! See you next year then. HAVE A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2009 TO ALL!


the donG said...

as always you've got one of the unique bloggers as you usually feature us here and your creative crafts.

dami ng bilib sa yo. salamat lagi sa pagsama sa amin sa mga post mo.

ifoundme said...

we have to see each other! kailinit wala pa ta ya kakitaay nga kalapitanay man lang saton. hehehe!

lucas said...

that was a very cool and nice thing to do before the year ends. another year is ahead and i am thrilled to what lies ahead :)

as for your question i think it's writing and gaining friends here in the blogosphere. :)

happy new year :)

herminesplace said...

Lovely pages. Happy Newyear to you.

Faye said...

Fascinating tradition (the 13 fruits, etc.) that I was not familiar with. I love the tributes to your favorite bloggers that you made. Very nice. Happy New Year.

RJ said...

Is there a winner in the MMM challenge? Good luck, your works are very creative!

My answer to your question/title: Blogging! o",)

Happy New Year, Redlan!

Nance said...

What can I say, Red? ... they are beautiful! You did an excellent job to a lot of your friends! I am lucky to have you as friend.

From my home, we are wishing you a fine 2009!

Beth said...

These are beautiful, and the kindness you have offered these friends is great. Happy holidays to you.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So many lovely pages for special friends, very nice work!

Thirteen different fruits sounds delicious and like a lot of fruit too, TFS!

Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours!

Bry said...

very well appreciated Kuya RED!!!!

mixedmediamonday said...

Wonderful, Redlan - what a wonderful way to honour your friends! Diane

J and Z said...

very sweet and heartfelt work!


tani may "and last but not the least..."

lol! joke lang ah....

hay Red, New Year na.. If you read my new years post last January, daw ma dejavu tonite. lol!

TC my blogfriend!


HEY! I gave you your 13th comment! I hope it's good luck.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

grabe red, panalong-panalo tong mga gawa mo. super galing talaga! not only with how u made thse but with the effort u exerted. sobrang nakakapagpasaya. the scrapbook u sent us is truly a remembrance. hopefully we could meet in person someday to extend our gratitude in person! u are such a nice friend red!

happy new year to you!

Sandy said...


Happy New Year! :)

napunding alitaptap... said...

ahaha. . . ang kyut. favorite ko yun kay Mel. ü

ang crafty mo, and you still have time, mabuting kaibigan..ü

Blue Rose said...

happy new year redlan!

thank you so much for featuring me and for the friendship.