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Jun 25, 2008


She had an average height with a nice figure. She had an alabaster skin and very transparent. I really in love with her the first time I saw her. With my money, I had her. Without any words, I grabbed her and our lips locked. I was out of breath for some seconds. I was satisfied and it worth my money. I just called her C. In short, I had a quickie moment with her. It was love at first kiss. It was not the end for I craved her so much. However, the moment came that I felt I was craving for more. I met another girl. She was O. She's taller than C. She also had an alabaster skin but she had a perfect figure. That's why her price was higher than C. I didn't mind for I was more satisfied that I had to take a rest after I tasted her.

But everything changed when I met a guy. I had a different feeling when I first saw him. I asked his price and I agreed. His price was times two of the price of C but lower than the price of O. I hold his face and I touched his lips. I kissed him right away. He had an average height and medium built. He was K, BTW. Then another guy came into my life. E was his name. Medium built but with a dark color. With my curiosity, I tasted him too. But after several encounter with E, I felt something bad. I had morning sickness. It was weird for I am not a woman to conceive. I thought I was sick. I stopped seeing E. But there were times I really missed him and crave for him. I was able to control myself though. I know it's bad to my health but I can't stop myself. So despite the hyper acidity, I still crave for coke.

C- 8 oz
O- 1 liter
K- coke in can(regular)
E- coke zero


the donG said...

paid advertisement ba to?

ev said...

hahaha!magkano kaya bayad sa'yo ng taga-coke?!hmmm...natawa ako ha in fairness..kala ko censored.;0)

...eLay... said...

haha.. ang galing.. :p

redlan said...

uy hindi @ dom. Wish ko sana. hahaha.

redlan said...

Thanks @ Ev. sana may bayad. I just promote the products I love for free. hehehe

redlan said...

uy elay salamat. sana ipagpatuloy mo ang pagba-blog. salamat sa pagbisita at pagbasa.

Pepe said...

Abi ko liwat kun ano na naman ha-ha....! Hambal ko ops, daw medyo binastos ni haw ha-ha (joke)....! Red, basi mamingot ang mga iban nga brands da....! =D

redlan said...

haha @ pepe bi ko gani macensored ko. hahaha. forever coke ko ya bisan la bayad gina endorse bala.