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Jun 26, 2008


Dear Friendship:

I was your first bestfriend in school.

But you started to ignore me when we were already in grade 3.

You made friends with me during art activities because I can help you in doing your artworks.

I gave you support during your NSAT. We went to the church the day before the examination.

And you totally forget me when you entered and graduated in college.

You don't like me now maybe because you don't need me anymore.

I missed those times when you always hold my head, bite my body and smell my ass. Those are the good memories I still treasure.

If ever you need my support, I am still here willing to help you anytime. I am always happy to be an instrument in your success.

I am glad to be used again.


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the donG said...

lappy lapis ikaw lang pala yan. hehehe... kakamiss ka nga.

Bry said...


miss the old days... mongol then Staedler :)

naalala ko rin yung text jokes na ganito


> Vanny said...

hahaha.. oo nga. guilty ako na ginamit ko cya at nakakalimutan na ngayon dahil puro keyboard na ang ginagamit ko..

bloghoppin! =)

TENTAY™ said...

hey wait, I still love using pencils compared to ballpen.. :>

redlan said...

hehehe @ dom. na-miss ko nga siya.

aha @ bry. may text joke pala about sa lapis. Naalala ko lang siya noong isang gabi na nag-iisip ako kung ano ang isusulat dito. I was holding a pencil kasi. At naalala ko yung sabi ng officemate ko na pati lapis ay pina-bless ng anak niya na gagamitin niya sa nursing board exam last year. RN na ngayon ang anak niya.

May punto ka @ vanny. Ginagamit ko pa rin siya hanggang ngayon. Kailangan na gumamit ng pencil sa aking trabaho. pencil footing ba. salamat sa pagdaan at pagcomment ha.

Tentay, salamat sa pagcomment. Pareho tayo, ginagamit ko pa rin ang lapis hanggang ngayon, sa pag guhit at sa trabaho.

Mrs T said...

like this post, lol! Enjoy ur pencil.... i still use it a lot!

Pepe said...

Lapis lang gali, abi ko gani kung nano na he-he....! Good one Red....! =D

redlan said...

haha @ pepe. wala may madumduman nga isulat. pati lapis na tripan ko.

napunding alitaptap... said...

ahaha, yun pala yun, natuwa naman ako....

ahehehe. okay naman ang lapis, kaso, red ballpen na talaga ang bagay sa akin nayun.hehehe

redlan said...

ako ballpen at lapis @ kookoo