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May 21, 2008


This blog will be a month old this coming 30th of May. Time flies so fast. It’s like yesterday that I created this blog. So many things I experienced and learned in blogging. I applied my personal choice in choosing my own template and in making my own header every month. It is hard to manage a blog indeed! Anyway, I found some real friends online and it’s the best thing that happened in my cyber life.

Since I’ll celebrate my first blog anniversary, I planned to have a web host. Looking for the best web hosting site is confusing and time consuming. I need to jump from one site to another just to know its good quality and much benefits of service. Fortunately, I found that has a list of the best hosting sites. It really helped me to choose the right web host for my personal blog site. With the list of the best web hosts, I was able to compare their price and web rating based on their disk space availability, the affordability of data transfer and other related host ratings.

Although I am new in hosting, created a learning area where can help and explain the basics of web hosting With their Hosting Directory Page, you can easily find web hosts that provide specific features you are looking for. Now, I already have my own web hosting choice.

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