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May 21, 2008


I received a sms message from my sister when I was on my way home last night. She just left a dinner for me. She accompanied her friend again whose staying in the hotel for a week. Everytime her friend is here in Iloilo, she don't sleep @ home and we usually don't see each other because she left already when I arrived home. And in the morning, I am still sleeping when she left for work. Texting is our means of communication then.

I had chopsuey and pork chop for dinner. I ate like a pig! I can say my life is so boring and tiring lately. (Not to mention, I gained some weight.) I have no time to go to the mall, watch a movie or eat outside with friends. They are far to reach and some are still busy. Good thing, internet is invented. I can unwind online even I am all alone. I laugh facing this square monitor. Obviously I am reading a new post of Poli. Welcome back pare!

Before I end this post, I want to ask for your support to help and vote the angel blogger Jazzy. Her blog is included in the CANDY MAG TEEN BLOG AWARDS SEMI-FINALISTS. In addition, another blog friend, Fjordz is asking a support for a wonderful project that is called PROUD FILIPINO PROJECT.


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