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May 20, 2008

TUESDAY TEXT: talking with the LORD

Satan was complaining to the Lord,
"You're unfair, so many sinners do wrong and you take them back.
Infact, some come back half a dozen times and you always welcome them.
I made one big mistake and you condemned me forever, it's not fair!"

The Lord answered, "Did you ever ask for forgiveness?"


Jesus asked me how much I love Him, so I spread my arms and said, "This much."
I asked Him how much He loves me, He spread His arms and died for me.
-fr Emely

I got the pic from this website.


One day you were crossing a bridge with God. You were scared so you asked God, "Can I hold your hand so I won't fall into the river?"
God said, "No child, I should hold your hand."
You asked, "What's the difference?"
God replied, "If you hold my hand and something happens, you might let go. If I hold your hand, no matter what happens, I'll never let go."
-fr Emely.


LAD said...

Just hold my hand, I would never let go. True friends will never let go of each other.

Haha, ingat lagi Red! Just hold on tight to your faith. As for me, iba kasi ang paniniwala ko. Hehe but I respect yours as well as others beliefs.

Anonymous said...

that shows how much GOD loves us.

i feel loved!

Rara said...

have a wondeful week ahead sir red..

the donG said...

"If you hold my hand and something happens, you might let go. If I hold your hand, no matter what happens, I'll never let go."

>>> nice one! very real.

triZzZ said...

wow, ang ganda naman niyan.
God is just so great. No reason for us to wail about our heartaches.

Have a blessed day! (:

Dakilang Tambay said...

mahal tayo ni God kahit anong mangyari

redlan said...

Maganda ang thought mo @ Lad. Ang it's great dahil unti-unti ka na ng bumabalik sa blogworld. Hindi naman strong yung faith ko pero kailangan eh. Salamat sa pagrespeto. Kahit iba-iba ang paniniwala natin,masaya pa rin tayo at nagkaintindihan.

Basta congrats at goodluck sa lahat ng endeavors mo.

redlan said...

Uy kuri. You are blessed to be loved by God and with loving wife.

redlan said...

You too rara. Magaling ka na totally? I mean yung tenga mo.

redlan said...

Thanks dom! Nakakaantig sa damdamin ang linyang yan no? hehehe

redlan said...

Thanks Trizzz, pero hindi maiwasan maging emo minsan, ganyan ako. hehehe.

redlan said...

Tama ka mia. uy, i noticed, naglalakwatsa ka ngayon ha. hehehe. joke. Hindi ka na busy?

Raine said...

hi kuya. thanks for sharing those inspiring messages. even the very first one was also inspiring. if we just ask for forgiveness and humble ourselves before God and admit our wrongs, He will forgive us and the chances He gives are unlimited as long as we live and breathe. the problem with Satan, he's too proud to do that, that's why. I have just realized that beautiful lesson today through your blog:) again, thanks:) and thanks for all the encouraging comments also. yup comments really inspire us to blog on. hehe. actually it seems blogging is really more of making friends and sharing thoughts with each other. and it seems this comment is running long but never mind. hehe. hindi sa akin yung template, beginner pa ako sa html. at thanks sa add. God bless:)

redlan said...

Salamat sa napakahabang comment mo Raine. u said it all. maganda talaga ang new template mo. napaka-cool. ang laki ng devlopment ng blog mo. congrats!

claire said...

all these messages are very nice.. thanks for sharing.. :) what a nice way to start the day :)

redlan said...

you are welcome @ claire. and thank you too!

Pepe said...

"Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore."

-Psalm 16:11

redlan said...

Uy pepz, thanks sa pag-add ng quote sa bible.