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May 25, 2008


I just arrived home from an out of town trip. Actually, I visited two towns in the northern part of Iloilo.

1. It is popularly called the "Sweet City" of Panay due to its vast pineapple plantations and annual output in fruit production.

2. It was declared as the "Christmas Capital of Western Visayas because of its famed Christmas Festival of Lights.

I'll post more pictures later. I need to rest because I am kinda tired.


Lawstude said...

You gave me another reason to visit Ilo-ilo.

Rest well my friend.

Poli said...

Waw, peyborit ko ang pinya! Kakain ko lang niyan kanina!

Lhurey said...


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Anonymous said...

nakakalaway naman ang P nya!

jeeper said...

I have never been there and perhaps we may visit that someday. And me like pineapples. Nyehehe.

Mrs T said...

ang tsalap tsalap ng P nya! Red, pidi maki exchange link sau? PR10 ako, hehe! laban ka?

redlan said...

Obviously, you love traveling lawstude.

Makatas yang pinya @ poli.

lhurey thanks for the comment. I'll check your PR3 blog later.

Lol @ Kris. Makatas ang pinay errr pinya.

U are welcome here @ jeepey.

Wow mrs. T! lol. PR4 lang ako. Sobra ka talaga sa PR. Nice nice nice. Thanks

Pepe said...

Pinya, tahong, talaba, bayi-bay-, mais, mani, baloooot....! Dumduman ko na naman ang old days maghapit kami da sa passi.... Tandaan ko pa gyapon mga itsura sang tawo da sa kalye....! =D

redlan said...

haha @ Pepe. Uwi ka na. Joke.