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May 24, 2008


She had gone without saying anything and leaving a big question to me. The princess ran and nowhere to be found. I lost a part of my perfect blogging life. Only great memories and the mental image of a princess left. But one day, I surprised to see a message on my cbox and the name is so familiar to me. It’s JACKIE. The princess is back bringing some good news- the new job and the perfect man of her life. What? And today is her birthday! I wish you all the best and complete happiness.

Goodbye doesn’t mean the end. For the sun set and rise the next day. Help me welcome the person who gone for two months. He is formally back as bright as the sunrise. He brought 3 great things (as pasalubong)- The Barack Obama book, the French recipe book and the EREP pic. Welcome back LAD!

Thank you guys for informing me that you’re back. It adds more meaning to my blogging world.

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