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May 26, 2008

PASSI CITY- the "Sweet City" of Panay

WELCOME TO PASSI CITY. It is the only component city in the island of Panay and the largest in the province of Iloilo. It became the first component city on January 30, 1998 with the signing of R.A. 8469 by Pres. Fidel V. Ramos.

I went to Passi City yesterday. I arrived there almost lunch time. I went directly to Jollibee. It is the only food chain in the northern area.

After I ate, I rested on one of the benches in the center of plaza.

Then, I went to the church. It is the Baroque Church of Saint William. I found almost all the statue of Saints. Some I can recognized by looking the symbol they're holding although there's a written name of each saint. If you are a Catholic too, I know you can recognize the saint with the rooster below.

I can't take the whole church because there's unlimited space backward. That's why I came up with this idea. It's not a perfect shot though.

I've heard from my officemate this morning that KC Concepcion visited Passi City last Saturday. She came again to visit her adopted girls @ The Cameleon Association Center. It is located specifically @ Brgy. Sablogon. It is a non-stock and non-profit French-Filipino association that protects and rehabilitates girls in difficult circumstances ages five to sixteen coming from different places of Panay Island. It also provides educational assistance through a sponsorship program to the unfortunate children of Passi City.

I came back in the city of Iloilo with a great smile because I was able to visit and know much about one of the beautiful places around here in Western Visayas (the place I truly belong). Of course, I did not forget to bring home the sweet pineapple!

I will post next the other town I dropped by before I went to Passi City.



si KC? nag kagto da? KC Montero?


musta RED?

Mrs T said...

nice nice pics u got there! Thanks for sharing Red!

redlan said...

Lol @ KJ. Speaking of KC Montero. Wala na akong balita sa kanya. Pagod ako palagi. Ikaw pose pa rin. Picture-picture ka lang dyan sa UK. Nakasama mo ba si Sharon? hehehe. Joke.

You are welcome @ Mrs. T. Ikaw nicer pa sa pictures.

Richard the Adventurer said...


Nice pictures... Musta naman Kuya Red?

redlan said...

Thanks @ Richard. OKay lang ako. paspas trabaho. hehehe

ev said...

nice spots from a nice site here...

dropping by!;0)

redlan said...

thanks ev. and thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment here.

Pepe said...

Wala pa gid ko da makasulod sa city proper sang passi, hasta gid lang ko sa sagwa sa may depo ka series liner bus.... Tahum man gali sa sulod Red no....? =D

redlan said...

Ikaduha ko pa lang to nga kadto didto Pepz. Ginbalikan ko kay para makalagaw liwat. Basta may upod ko gani, di ko kapagusto. hehehe