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May 21, 2008


Visiting UK is still one of my dreams. I love to visit Ireland’s most beautiful cities specially Dublin, Cork and Shannon. Dublin has a lot to offer and beautiful places like parks, gardens, museums, colleges, libraries, churches, heritage sites, historical buildings, castles, and galleries. The Airfield House, Ardgillan Castle, Book of Kells, Christ Church Cathedral, Croke park Meuseum, Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre, Dublin Inner City Temple Bar, Dublin Zoo, Dublinia Exhibition and a lot more.

It makes me crave more when I discovered there are cheaper hotels to stay there. The Ireland Hotels, Dublin Hotels, Cork Hotels and Shannon Hotels offer a great accommodations for your budget, good service and really a convenient place to stay longer. I hope I can visit Ireland soon.


Raine said...

wow. you have really researched havent you? hehe. i learned about ireland through a historical novel i once read, song of the silent harp. kaya lang, i forgot the author. but it does sound like a beautiful "mysterious" place. parang nakaka intriga. hehe ^^

redlan said...

yes, i did. @ raine. It is needed to know and discover the place. at para makarami ng masusulat. thanks for the comment raine. I really love europe ey.