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Jun 24, 2013


It's  exactly four months already that I did not update this blog.  I had no extra time for online activities that's why.

My special day, March 13.  A box of sweet cupcakes from one of my best friends- Marigold.  Thanks Megah!

Holy Week 2013- Balaan Bukid, Jordan Guimaras.

We decided to have a sidetrip in Magic Island and hopped in neighboring islands.

Charito's second homecoming-  She's one of my best classmates in high school.

Weekend day tour at Cabaling Beach Resort in Brgy Espinosa, Jordan, Guimaras with my atrium' staff and friends.

Had over night stay at Playa de Paraiso in San Lorenzo, Buenavista, Guimaras with the Avatar prod.

And last but not the least, out of town stressed reliever weekend with our bosses and company staff.

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