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Mar 4, 2012


It's a Sunday again.  Ambilis ng mga araw.  Second week of March na.  I was able to treat myself sa Spa today.

  Aside from that, I'm done answering a tag of 11 questions from Theo

 *Post 11 random facts/ stuff about me, 

*Answer the Tagged Questions 

*and Create New Questions for the people to tag and answer,

    Okay so here I go,

    About the eleven random things about me.  I just refer this old link.  I still do those random things until now.
    the eleven random things about me

    And here's the set of questions of Theo

    1.  Do you love and believe in God with all your mind? With all your heart? and with all your soul?
    I do believe in God.  But I am ashamed to tell you I don't love Him at the moment.  It is because I did something wrong out of His commandments.  I am trying to be good again and renew myself again for HIM.

     2.  What is the title of the song that really is special to you?
    "NO MATTER WHAT" by Boyzone.  It's my all time favorite.  That time it was a hit, I was able to came out of my comfort zone and be myself.  It's the only song that I know it's title without a second thought.

    3.  Who is the reason behind the things that you really love doing?
    If we stick to who is the reason, there's one above all.  However, I don't focus only to the word reason itself.  The tendency is at the end I will feel unhappy.  Like for example, I go to work early to avoid salary deduction.  I don't actually love my work then.  But when I go to work regularly because I want to learn new things everyday.  That's it!  So I always set an inspiration in everything that I do.  And it depends to the subject.  I can say, I am doing this tag not for the reason that you tagged me but you inspired me to do so.

    4.  Would you want to live in a house together with your best friend?
    I actually did.  I lived with someone I considered a special friend.  We were together most of the time.  We actally opposite but we tried to share everything until we learned to accept our differences.  I just proved to him that there's someone who's willing to be his real friend.  We helped each other to become a better persons despite of our imperfection.  I learned something from him and vice versa.  Yes, friends can be together but you you can't own a friend.  There will be a situation that could separate friends being together and we have to respect it.

    5.  A child asked you for alms, would share your blessings or not?
    I have to be honest, I don't give money to those who asked.   I did before but I realized that if I will continue to give alms I tolerate them in depending to others.  I admired those people who sell something in order to earn a living.  Like the street vendors, the households, etc.  I usually share my blessings not because someone ask for it but I give to those who really in need and because of appreciation. 

    6.  Have you ever done the most stupid thing in your life that you still regret?
    I did some stupid things but I never regret it.  It actually made me become stronger, set my limitations and trying not to do it again.

     7.  Does you believe in "forever?"
    There's no forever but constant change.  Yet, I believe that there's life after death and everything is forever there. 

    8.  What is your most favorite novel of all time?
    No particular novel I really like.  It just pass on my head and vanish after I read it.

    9.  Do you consider some local tv stars as posers or trying-hard?
    Obviously a lot of them.  

    10.  What is your personal explanation of "Loving Yourself first?"
    They say, if you want people to love you, love yourself first.  And that is just be what you are.

    11.  What is your perception about smart people? Of "wise" people?
    Smart people have great ideas.  They can decide right away.  On the other hand, Wise men have unique ideas.  They think wisely before they decide.  For me, nakaka-wow yung smart people while nakakabilib yung mga wise men.

    I skip the eleven questions to ask.  

    Have a wonderful week ahead guys! 


    T.R.Aurelius said...

    ay namention aketch hehe

    thanks Red! :)

    dong ho said...

    yan ang mula sa puso talaga na sagot. kaya sulit nga ang spa para sa summer. bukas na din simula ng summer ko.

    sheng said...

    Grabe, alion kaya dun sa 10 commandments? Ako din may nagawang kasalanan ngayon, yung thou shalt not steal, Patay kang bata ka, hehehe... Nangupit ng pagkain, haha.

    Reena said...

    wow. i got to know you more because of this blog. :) if you ask me, i believe in forever, that is why it scares me. haha. btw, i finally updated my design blog after 2 years! lol. - reena

    Mc Richard Paglicawan said...

    Was here again... And I am back... :) Hello there Redlan :)