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Jan 26, 2010


I am still unconscious caused of Dinagyang Festival celebration. So much unusual things happened or should I say unusual experience. Oh well, I need to post my weekly journal for that. I still have to write the last day happenings and that's during Dinagyang Festival highlight. The day I left home at 7:00 am and went back at 4 am on the following day. For the meantime, here's the video of the ugly wallet I still own.

Pasensiya na sa quality. I took it myself- holding the cam with my right hand at yung left naman ang bumubusisi sa wallet. I turned the sound off. I don't like you hear a bisaya speaking ghost behind.

The things in random order of showing:

*A photo of a friend I still keep. I just realized it's still on my wallet.
*I am a loyal customer of Henry Sy and I love National Book Store.
*The nature view photo I bought after I lost and found my first wallet. I love the verse on that photo tht says: "FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of the things not seen."(Hebrews 11:1)
*A souvenir from DongHo during his visit here in Iloilo. I called it 50-50.
*I always reserved Papa Piolo on my wallet for emergency.
*A trivia about me. I preferred to use blade rather than shaver.
*Some important identification cards I need everyday.
*A simple menu I recently keep and that is chicken pork adobo. lmao
*I arrange my money from smaller to bigger bill denominations. Baka kasi mali mabunot ko.
*And the first US dollar that a friend gave to me. Pampaswerte sa wallet na panget.

I keep important things on my other wallet. The important documents I don't usually need and use everyday.


the donG said...

hahaha... dapat ipakita rin ng ibang tao wallet nila.

p0kw4ng said...

huwaw very organized ang mga bill at ang daming laman ha...pesopesoses talaga!

gandang gawing tag,ahahaha

witsandnuts said...

Haha, thanks for sharing. I also keep foreign bills.

Reena said...

pareho tayo!!! i keep some items in my wallet too na memorable and that might bring good luck. okay naman wallet mo eh. gait na gamit. hehe

princess_dyanie said...

wow ang daming pesoses nga! haha! :P apir! pareho tyo BDO! Papa P! haha! :P

nuts said...

dami niyan, pa burger ka naman.. ako baka P20 lang laman.. haha..

Eds said...

wow ang daming pera! pa ice cream ka naman jan.

飯糰夾蛋Karen said...
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