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Mar 1, 2011


Today's technology allows us to work 24/7.  We can bring our work home or take it on vacation.  Work is ever present with us except when electricity goes off.  Like yesterday, brownout na naman!  I can't accomplish anything that required electricity. 

Whenever something like this interrupts my life, I realize how important my own work is to me.  Without it, I feel unproductive and useless.  But life doesn't end there.  There are things left to accomplish without the need of electricity as a source.  Like writing on a journal or you can take time to talk with friends. 

We don't have a generator in the office so we dismissed early yesterday.  I invited my best in everything friend to accompany me to watch a movie.  Black Swan probably.  In short, we enjoyed some hours of companionship and fun watching the said movie.  No doubt, Natalie Portman won the Oscars' Best Actress this year.

1 comment:

dong ho said...

parang dumadami ang lugar na nagbabrown out.

parang maganda nga ang black swan.