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Feb 25, 2011


Since childhood, I am fascinated to see particular people wearing medical uniforms. Those uniforms look so neat and clean for me. It made me build a dream to take up nursing after I graduated in high school. I took up nursing entrance exam and I was one of the 200 lucky examinees who I passed it. At that moment I saw myself a nurse in uniform. I was about to be interviewed but suddenly my sister decided not to support me if I will study Nursing. She can't afford the tuition fee in the first place including the nurse uniforms and supplies. So I ended up taking B.S Accountancy. I am working in an accounting office for ten years now but still I have in mind to go back to school and will take up the Nursing course.


dong ho said...

i was once used to seeing my brother wear his uniform as he graduated from nursing. but never thought of considering to take up nursing.

Riel A. Mallorca said...

hehehe..go girl if that could make you happy.