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Sep 3, 2010


It's BER month na.  So far the whole August was.... (nagkabrownout)  Everyday na lang may brownout!  To continue, the whole August was great so far.  No major problems.  Thanks God!  In fact, I had great moments with my friends before the month ended. 

Here's my planner for September.  Additional work schedule will be added everyday.  I just listed the important events and deadlines to remind myself. 


dong ho said...

teka ba't di nakapost birthday ko! hahaha... kidding.

Allen said...

natawa naman ako sa Idol pilot episode kuya rod. haha.

ayan si sir dong nagrereklamo! lagot ka! :))

Redlan said...

Dong Ho: Gusto mo twice ka magbirthday? June and September? hehehe. joke

Allen: Excited ako sa IDOL as much as sa Glee. June birthday niyan, iisang month lang kayo.

nuts said...

aaaww again.. my birthday, ako nga, sep 2! hihi. thanks sa greetings ha via sms. :)
@dong, cge, birthday ka ulit at sana pa burger naman.

nuts said...

teka, september na, nag b-brownout pa din? ber na, Merry Christmas!!

Eds said...

awww! parang nakita ko bday ko sa list na yan. salamat redlan. tara ice cream na tayo.

Reena said...

aba, nakita ko bday dun ni nuts o. :)

malapit na ang pasko! i have a busy month too. toxic month!!!

nuts said...

parang kelan lang ako nag birthday, now September 21 na... hihi..