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Sep 7, 2010


I learned to appreciate freedom and alone time after my past relationships.  I learned to love myself.  I enjoy traveling alone.  I appreciate the time to be just by myself.

But now, taking a break on my own is not as easy because I have a career to tend to.  It is really hard for me to leave my work and be away for several days.  It makes me feel worry more.  Yet, I still find time to be alone- relax and reflect by myself.

The times that I really had alone time were:

1.  I visited the southern part of Iloilo.

2.  I visited the churches in the second district of Iloilo.

3.  I watched movies alone.

4.  I looked for a purple birthday gift.

5.  I was left alone at home.

on bed and watching the moonlight

6.  I visited Trappist monastery in Guimaras once a month last two years ago.

7.  I did knitting the whole day.

You can even have alone time for just 20 to 30 minutes for you to reflect by yourself.  Alone time is just a moment (to have peace of mind and de-stress) and not a lifetime. 


witsandnuts said...

Wow, you know how to knit!

Reena said...

i've never watched a movie alone.

sometimes i like being alone too especially when im doing serious work because i can't noise. haha. it drives me nuts.

alone time is me time too for me. :)

Nicely said...

Being along sometimes helps you reflect on yourselves. Enjoy the process, Redlan. Btw, I like the blue knitted stuff :D

sheng said...

Red, ang alone time ko is 4-6 am, that's when i have to write articles for an online job. Seriously!

Eds said...

alone time, uhmmm...tulog time! at hindi ko pa naranasan manood ng movie alone ha, gosh takot ko lang. hehehe

dong ho said...

you should also visit the north redlan! we'll be waiting for that solo trip. ako medyo hindi na sanay bumyahe mag isa.

pusang kalye said...

Redlan---naiintindihan mo kasi na-experience mo na. yun yun. buti nalang may nakakaintindi na. hahaha. I will follow your advice, wag ko nalang dibdibin. di na kasi ako nasanay. sa eded kong to madamdamin pako. bwahaha.thanks

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

being alone do have its blessings: katahimikan, walang mangungulit at nakakapag-concentrate tayo ng mabuti. when i travel alone, my senses are at its most active!

nuts said...

i always have Me-time when my children are at school.. but i can't say i'm all alone.. i'm always online.. :P