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Sep 13, 2010

Love 101

Two much love will kill you, this was a song popularized by the band Queen and this simple phrase actually means a lot for most of the teenagers of this generation. How should we manage love that after we fall and break apart we could still stand up and move on easily? There had been so many cases that guys often commit suicide when they’re oppressed in their love life. The sweeter the love is the more we should be cautious of its effect on us for it drives our mind crazier from time to time (actually based on my own experience). One of the highlights of our school during University week is the alternative classes. Do you know the subject that has the most number of students? 

It’s actually Love 101, a subject that teaches us lessons and love advice on handling love and relationships. Most of the students find it interesting rather than speech communication, personality development etc. and maybe one reason for this is that man of the students could relate to the subject being taught. We the teenagers are easily falling in love and thus we hurt our selves too much every time we fell apart, and maybe some of the steps to be taken to help us and our curious minds manage love is counseling and sharing, that would help us make a positive image on handling love.

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nuts said...

talaga, meron niyan love 101? pwede ba ako.. pagka feeling lang.. :P