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Sep 13, 2010

First Time

For the past three days I still could not forget how I was able to earn dollars by simply posting articles not on my personal blog but on my friends’ blog. Though the birds, not on my hands yet it still brings a smile on my face thinking that I was able to earn on my own little way.
“Yes that was a fascinating way of earning money at the same time I enjoyed doing one of my favorite hobbies, writing.”
I was a guest host of the blog Redlan’s Web of Arts and for me to experience the beauty of having a blog I wrote two  articles. My first two posts were compensated though I usually make personal posts on my own blog, they are just made to stress out the important days of my life. Making those first two posts was a great motivation for me to continuously write on my blog and to continuously enjoy the benefits of a wide imagination.
For the blogginers(a personal term for beginners on blog), don’t stop writing, enjoy it as if it is your life,every word that you make is equivalent to the air that you breathe to give you life.
Please visit my blog: by the way I am Riel A. Mallorca also a beginner.

1 comment:

nuts said...

i'll visit later.. Congrats to Red, for PR4 ever!.. til now, diko mareach and PR4.. hihi..