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Aug 1, 2010


August is here!  Days run so fast!  I am feeling okay now.  But as usual I am still busy working, organizing and doing crafts.  I really wanted to update regularly but unfortunately, I can't do what I say.  At least I accomplished something and that is organizing my things.

For future topic, I wanna share some conversation I had for the past few weeks and the conversation I've overheard.  At the same time I will continue doing and sharing some craft projects on my other blog.  See you on your own blog.


RJ said...

Maganda na pala ang pahina mo, Red!

Buti naman magaling ka na. Gawa mo rin 'yang mga buri bags?

sheng said...

Andaming blogs! Going there!

dong ho said...

ok lang yan at least time spent organizing is better than procrastinating.

pusang kalye said...

organizing your things is a great skill and a great practice....pag magulo kasi parang di maganda sa pakiramdam---parang humid weather abg effect---masalimuod.hahaha

jeanny said...

thats good thing to do...organizing things para mas relax at mas madali magwork at kumilis :)

Now jumping to your other blog :)

Nicely said...

last week inayos ko din ang bookshelf ko at pininturahan ang room ko. mas ang saya-saya maging busy kesa tumambay!